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The intention is to post posts about this site. This will be analysis of data that I get to see about you the users of this site. It may be your server location, or your search criteria “Weight loss” “Cycle SatNav” “Aldi Cycling ” that I look for. I get to see some unique locations highlighted by Google Analytics and realise that this site is one of millions out there. If you can recognise your server location drop me a comment, I welcome them all.

I’ll file this under it’s own category  as I am sure this is of interest to a lot of people.
There is a great interest in weight loss but not so much in the mechanics of how to do it.

As a UK resident I see what most of the other UK residents see on TV and I am not happy. I’ve been through what most of the “stars” of the diet shows have been through and think the format is getting a bit stale. The latest Gillian McKeith programme just goes to prove a point. Yes I was in the same position as they were but give us a break about looking at stool samples; it’s only stating the obvious. These people need help, not to be told their shit stinks. I haven’t finished my course yet but think 2 months to provide us with a bit of entertainment is taking the mickey.

Rant over, the site isn’t just about weight loss. The natural cynic that I am is trying to be positive about things. Cycling is a big part of my life now but the spin offs amaze me. I wrote a post about Aldi Technical Ski gloves which I started to wear as my hands were getting cold. For some reason 55 people read that post over 4 days at the start of the new year. I’m still wearing them, the nylon got scuffed when I had my crash but they saved my hands from damage. Still water resistant too, I wouldn’t class them as waterproof but neither do Aldi and I’m not using them for their intended purpose, skiing.

One of the sources that Google Analytics picked up was the only person I know that was into offroading was Dave at work. It turns out he mentioned me in the forum, thanks for the link Dave. I posted a link to the site on a reply to a question on SatNav on the Cycling plus forum. I’m now seeing visits from people that read that article.

Saturday: Just had another look at Google Analytics this time looking at Spinning. The section has moved up the ranking and the top keywords were “Spinning classes”. Putting this into Google had me 8th out of 1,380,000. All pretty remarkable stuff. All because I wear an Aldi Heartrate monitor in a spinning class.

Friday: Picking up on the Spinning classes searches I noticed I had a hit from Yellowknife in Canada. Refining the search for Spinning classes to Countries had one hit for Canada and further search for Cities had one hit for Yellowknife. All this takes place in the cross segment performance dropdown menu of page titles.


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