Breakfast at the Eureka Cafe.

Just to show that I havent I havent been on a starvation diet for the last 4 months Ive decided to do a post about the Eureka Cafe Breakfast.

If I’m doing a ride that starts or finishes at the Cafe I will ALWAYS have this breakfast. It consists of Egg, bacon, tomato, beans and two toast. It is all dry grilled or poached and the only change I ask for is that the toast is dry. It is quite disconcerting to be the only one of about thirty cyclists eating a breakfast but it fuels me for the days riding and I am still loosing weight.

British Heart Foundation portion sizes for Eureka Cafe Breakfast

Meal    Foodgroup  Fruit/veg   Bread/cereal  Meat,fish    Fats
Egg                                                                     1/2                                         
Bacon 2rashers                                                                     1      
Tomato                        1
Beans 5 tbs                                                           1
Toast 2(dry)                                         2

I’ve spoken to Keith and Ann at the cafe about the portion of beans they serve and they measured it out to 5 tablespoons for me.They also replaced buttered toast for dry toast without propting. In fact yesterday it got called the slimmers breakfast!.

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