Weekending 16 July06

Monday:Spinning class, bit easier on the arms this week, still sweating buckets. Took a bigger bottle of water in this week too.
Tuesday:1 Hour in the gym after work. Added an extra 5kg on a few of the machines.No exercise bike just the cross-trainer and the rowing machine.
Wednesday:Wirral loop(40miles)took some pictures of the prom at Seacombe, had to turn down a ride to the Ice Cream Farm which was pity but the new toy needs collecting from a service. The toy is a Trek Maddone 5.2 for those that know what one is, thought I deserved a treat as I’ve now lost 3 times the weight of one of these.
Weigh in at St Caths.
Thursday: Wasn’t in the mood for the gym as the Tour De France is on so did a loop down Levers Causeway, up Resthill turned around at the top then did it again.Next time three.
Friday: Got to the gym in my kit only to be told it shut at 8 on a friday, DOH looks like a restday then.
Saturday: Came across old Terry going the Mills down Resthill, rode along with him through the farm at Willaston(didn’t know this route so thanks), second Breakfast of the week then started a Wirral loop with Terry. Went down the lane to the marsh and did the climb that emerges by Ness gardens. A nice climb(thanks again), onto Parkgate, Terry left at Gayton. Terry is 76 by the way! Onto WestKirby, Hoylake and along the sea defences  to Moreton Lighthouse where it was time to join the road. Back on coastal route to NewBrighton, Seacombe.Stopped at Woodside to sea cruise ship in Mersey.
Home. 48 miles.
Sunday: Breakfast at the Mills, rode to Ice cream farm with Jim Kevin Alan and Charlie.Back on the canal path. Brilliant sunshine. Another good day out. Up Resthill.
55 miles.

Total 143 miles  1 spinning class and an hour in the gym + a loop up Resthill

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