The second follow up class

I’m coming up to the second follow up class tommorow (wednesday) which will be after the wednesday ride from the Eureka cafe.
My weight is around the 97 Kg mark but I’m not too focused on it now. I should also have the blood test results through as a couple of extra boxes got ticked, I’ve got this feeling that the weight loss was starting to ring a few alarm bells. As it is its 25 Kg in 6 months.
The fear of a lack of support from the weekly classes has largely gone as I’ve come to terms with it being an individual effort. A bit like the cycling a solo ride is a totally different experience than a group ride even though it maybe over the same course.

I’ll update this post after the class.

Bumps into a chap coming out of the weekly class who I saw in the gym the previous night while doing a round on the machines prior to the spinning class. Turns out he’s lost 10kg in 8 weeks I think. I gave him the site address, let me know what you think.
I’ll keep an eye out for you in the oval.

Anyway four of us turned up for the class, all blokes and all still loosing weight to a varying degree. My weight for the record 97.2 Kg.
BMI’s were discussed as mine is down to 30 but all were signifcantley lower than when we started. Comment was made about the high drop out rate for women on the follow ups. All I can say is the atmosphere is totally different to the weekly classes in so much as its an opportunity to fine tune what your doing, be it the exercise or the diet (maybe I should say eating plan).

I’ll add more if need be, but I’m only on the 6th month of this plan. Another post next month.

2 thoughts on “The second follow up class”

  1. Hi Frank
    Im the guy who spoke to you on the way out of St Caths Wednesday night. Web site is a credit to you as is the weight loss.
    See you at the Oval
    Cheers, Andy

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