The 3rd Follow up Class

I’ve got a follow up class coming up on Wednesday and this will be the end of classroom sessions for the group that started after I finished mine.
The good news is you’ll still be loosing weight after the classes have ended, maybe not at the same rate as you first were as you’ll start to play around with the diet but it’ll still be coming off.
The bad news is this is probably the last time you’ll see the other members of the group if they’ve made it this far. Numbers for the follow up classes are a fraction of those that start the course. 
I think it is their loss. The followups virtually amount to personal tuition which in my opinion is priceless.
So make a note on your weight loss record, if you miss one its not likely that you’ll make it to another one IMHO. 

To be updated Wednesday.

Wednesday: It sounded like Andy,s class were having a good time from the corridor.
Four of us turned up for the follow class and after getting weighed part of the discussion revolved around this website and cycling.
Next came the priceless bit that I mentioned before, which was Rons reply to a question on exercise and weight training. It looks like I haven’t been doing the weights effectively along with a lot of others out there.
I’m six months into this programme and still benefiting from the course, tonight class has just confirmed it.

The weigh in:  93.4KG (14.7 Stone or 205.911 pounds) BMI 28.8  now dropped out of the Obese category. It’s been a memorable day.

4 thoughts on “The 3rd Follow up Class”

  1. Hi frank, nice to see you last night.

    I can only say I totally agree with your comments. If you are offered help like this you should take it and at least show an interest in the information and the person giving you the help.

    See you Wednesday

  2. Thanks for the comment Andy, this is an important follow up for me as by my reckoning I’ll be dropping out of the obese BMI class and mearly be classed as overweight.
    There has been a huge change in me in the last six months and tommorows weigh in could see me passing a few medical and personal milestones.

    See you Wednesday too.

  3. Andy, the strange thing is I’ve regained an inch of height. I’ve been thinking I’d shrunk an inch or was wrong taking the measurement for a long time now. I’m putting it down to the weight loss and an impoved posture. I was always going around as if I was looking for money!

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