Weekending 08 Oct 06

Monday: Followed up Eddies routine by managing 12 full pressups which is an increase of 2 on the previous day. To put it into context Eddie can do 40 no problem and he,s a good decade older than I am.
Session at the Oval after work had me burning 402 calories on the crosstrainer in 30 mins. 67 cals on the rowing machine and a set of weights with the weight and reps logged. Some results dropped due to the pressups earlier in the day.
Tuesday: Tina,s Spinning class at the Oval had me burning off 697 cals on the good old Crane Sports (Aldi)heart rate monitor. I checked on how I was doing at various times, the backlight giving off an earie glow (Tina,s classes are in the dark).Pulse was 142 bpm at one point, the highest I’ve seen is 155 bpm which was the week before. I’ve seen 166 bpm on it many moons ago when I was going up RestHill when I was carrying around another 6 stone around me.
Another set of weights with the weight and reps logged.
Wednesday:Winter trainer weather had me dropped off at the Eureka Cafe as I was running late, where it was out to Kinnerton for the Wednesday Section AGM. Gave the Aldi Winter bib tights a try out, an absolute steal at £8. AGM over it was back to the Eureka for a cup of tea then home through the Missing Link. (36 miles)
Managed to get in Barbara,s Spinning class at the Oval by being at reception at 6 o’clock. It turned out that the class was full but we all fitted in.
Guess who forgot his towel?
I took in some paper towel but things rapidly changed as the class started. I’ve mentioned before about men sweating and women perspiring well boy did I sweat tonight.
HRM reset it was soon ticking up the paper towel wouldn’t be used for moi but wiping the bike down after I’d finished.
For the record it was 670 calories burnt, 600ml of water drunk. I did see 162 BPM on the display which was surprising as I thought my max was 166 BPM. The machine and the floor got a wipe down as there was about 600ml of sweat over it. I spoke to Barbera about this site after the class and she told me about the classes she holds at West Kirby.
Barbera i’ll do a seperate post on the classes under the spinning category. 
No weights. 
Thursday: Had cards printed but otherwise a rest day.
Friday: Rode to the Eureka Cafe for a breakfast, was just about to leave when Pinarello Kev comes in.He is my first card holder so gets a mention. Rode home with Kev discussing bikes, rides, Aldi clothing that I was trying out, Carbon fibre handlebars (25 miles)
Saturday: 13 full pressups just to prove I’m not imagining all of this. Saw Jack.
Went to Deeside Cycles to look at Colnago,s and HRM,s which deserves a post all of its own.
Sunday: Looks like it is out with the CTC to the Dragons Den.


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