Weekending 29 Oct 06

Monday: A trip to the gym after work. This was going to be a bad week to fit things in.
Peck Fly             56Kg 11reps
Lat Pulldown      56Kg  16
Chest Press       42Kg  16
Arm Curl           35Kg   10.5
Shoulder Press  35Kg  12
Lat Fly               18Kg 16   I don’t know the correct name for this machine but it is
Lat Fly 2nd set   18Kg 15   a large steel frame that you stand in, in a crucifiction stance
Rowing     8 mins
Dip Assist          45Kg  8
Chin Assist         45Kg 8
Ab Isolator         50Kg 20

Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Work. Light weights at home.
Thursday: Work. 20 full pressups because I felt like doing them.
Friday: Plenty going on including a trip over to Quinns.
Rounded off with a session in the gym at West Kirby and Barbara,s spinning class.
I had the Garmin Edge 305  with me to log my heartrate. I don’t know if it is the effect of swapping the meds from beta blockkers to ACE inhibitors but I saw a new maximun heartrate in this class. 220 minus my age gives a max heartrate of 173 for someone my age, I saw 179 on the 305 and allthough I was close to the limit I don’t think I have reached it just yet. The data download has the class at 134 BPM average, 179 BPM max and a massive 27 minutes in Zone 5 which for me is 156 to 173 BPM.

I’ve been staring at the screen for 5 minutes trying to come to terms with just how far I’ve come since March this year. It’s not just the weight loss, every aspect of my life has changed over this year.Again I can’t explain to people how well in myself I now feel.
Saturday: Mixed day, ended up going to Snow and Rock the Bike Factory and Deeside Cycles and only came out of all of them with a rear light for the number 2 riders bike.
Went out with Val on her new bike for a lap or two of the round the block course I started on 2 years ago. Tranmere Rovers had just been playing at home and the traffic was horrendous but at least we got out. Logged on the Garmin Edge 305.
Sunday: A quick ride down to the Eureka Cafe for Franks Breakfast that was logged and which I intend to upload the route to Motion Based as this will be one I can compete against myself on. CTC ride which will probably appear as a seperate post tommorow,plenty of pictures on this one, good weather and a climb that was something else. Another great day out.

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