Weekending 17 Dec 06

Monday: Session at the Oval after work.Crosstrainer for 30 mins 370 calories burnt, average heartrate 113 bpm. Rowing machine, played the fish game four minutes , 971 metres rowed with a score of 825 points. This was quite hard as you have to vary your pace to eat the fish coming the other way. It would have helped if I hadn’t left the machine on level 10 to start with. Just a bit of fun. weights, logged.
Tuesday: Another session at the Oval after work. Crosstrainers were busy so it was on to the rowing machine. Seeing as I wanted a bit of a challenge I had a look at the new programs and made an error of judgement by selecting 10,000 metres of rowing. The best part of 48 minutes later I finish the progamme. 564 calories burnt and 500 metres of that was at 100%. 2 weight machines and I’m done.
You feel like your putting in twice the effort on the rowing machine compared to the crosstrainer. Not as intense as spinning though.
Wednesday:  Crosstrainer for 30 minutes 375 calories. Weight routine logged. Not in work till Boxing day. Looking back I haven’t been out on the bike for a week, so I need to get out more.
Thursday: Weights, 2Km of rowing , 15 minutes on the crosstrainer, followed by a spinning class. 887 Calories burnt according to the Heart rate monitor. Good spinning class with the front and back rows doing 8 second intervals of sprinting out the saddle.
No wonder I ache.
Friday: Ride day, Thinking of doing the Steve Cummins ride that was in the comic last week. 63 miles. Think it would make a good ride. I’ll have to have a go at sending it to the Garmin Edge 305.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 17 Dec 06”

  1. In no way is this a criticism, i can see you get plenty of miles in, but could you ride to the gym and or work? I’m assuming you use a car. I sold my car 2 years ago (partner still has one) but i now use one of my bikes for almost all my errands, even the shopping with a bob yak trailer, it’s amazing the number of extra miles you can clock up. Just a thought. I originally told my partner we’d save money not having 2 cars, but what i would have spent on insurance/road tax/petrol i put toward new bikes.

  2. The shifts I do are 12 hours long plus I would have to get through the Mersey Tunnel. It would make for a long day. I wouldn’t leave any of my bikes out of my sight. Even the Iceni trainer I value. The Toy has been taken into public toilets so I can keep an eye on it. There are so weird buggers that frequent them. A bloke in lycra taking his bicycle in doesn’t even come close.

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