Weekending 25 Feb 2007

Monday: I’ve had better days but managed to get a spinning class at the Oval. Work on the car didn’t go to plan and had to be abandoned. Had 20 minutes on the cross trainer before Louise,s class  and a couple of weights then it was time to grab a bike as people had turned up early. The Precor crosstrainer reads significantly more calories than the Crane Sports HRM.
Louise is a regular reader of the spinning section now, so all the posts were not in vain.
It was a full class with a couple of new starters, the attrition rate of new starters is nearly as bad as the Lifestyle and Weight Management Course I am still on. Many do one class and are never seen again.
Any way it was a good class with a sprint at the end we weren’t expecting. This was an opportunity to bury myself again, I’d had a maximum effort on the previous hill section.
The stats: 815 Calories burnt. 65 of these were in the warmup while the newcomers were being shown the ropes. So the net result is Louise,s Monday class 750 calories burnt. Max heart rate 187 bpm.
Now a google search has a 42g Mars Bar at 190 calories, so thats 4 Mars bars worth.

The Mars bar scale is a bit tricky as there are a number of different sizes of bar and the size has come down over the years, a 60 odd gramme bar is 290 calories on some of the searches I’ve done. It looks like i’ll have to get to the bottom of this one as I’ve been using the Mars bar scale for a while. I used to snack on these out of the vending machine at work. There is a worse example, a Cadburys Double Decker.

284 Calories in a 62.5g Mars bar. A normal size Mars bar is now 62.5g  so 42g must be a funsize or multipack size. A bit of a let down knowing a  good spinning class is only 2 and a bit Mars bars.

Tuesday: An hour in the gym after work, weights logged plus a session on the rowing machine 500 metre intervals with 1 minute rest. 1:56, 2:06, 2:01.4, 2:01.4, 2:00.9  2885 metres rowed in around 15 minutes including the rests. 
Wednesday: Lifestyle and Weight Management course followup class.
Thursday: Gym after work, weights, crosstrainer 250 cals, Rowing routine as above. 500m/1:00r 1:57.5 1:56.6 1:55.6 1:55.6 1:53.8 3152 metres rowed. Started to do 2 sets on some weight machines with a reduced weight.
Friday: Ride Sundays route to Delamere. An absolute disaster of a day The route was corruted and I ended up riding The Lady Hayes ride, worthy of a post on its own.
Sunday: CTC ride to Delamere led by moi. Ray has prepared this route for me, thanks Ray I owe you another one. Includes The Yeld after lunch just to liven things up. Bonus points awarded for getting  up in the middle ring(road not MTB). Double bonus points for beating me up. Ad hoc points awarded awarded throughout the ride. Points for turning up, points deducted for punctures.The run leaders decision is final.

 Stop Press: Yeld removed from ride!!!. The track from the visitor centre is too muddy so I’m looking at another route.Shame I know, I’m sure you were looking forward to it.

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