Weekending 04 Mar 2007

Monday: Spinning. No places at the Oval meant it was a trip to West Kirby and Barbara,s class.  This was packed too, I suspect a few hadn’t swiped in.
A good class about 750 calories burnt, average heartrate was 139 BPM, peaking at 178 BPM, not a maximum effort but close. Vocal class !!!. Also noted was Gel seat covers making an appearance, they have obviously not had the sublime pleasure of a Brooks B17 narrow. Tried a couple of weight machines in the gym, a bit hard to get on stuff when half seem to be using the machines as chairs between sets.
Tuesday:  Spinning. Another virtually full class, a couple of weights before the class and a couple after. 650 calories burnt, it felt like more, it may have been a slipping belt. Max 162 BPM, sweated buckets. Average 140 BPM, during the class but the stretching exercises lowers it a few BPM.  Weight machines, not quite as bad as West Kirby but it it was Tuesday. Thanks Tina. Next Tuesday prebooked for once. 
Wednesday: Restday, which means tiling a bathroom after work.
Thursday: Looks like a session in the Gym. It was a session at the Oval. Crosstrainer 15 minutes. followed by 500m/1min rest intervals on the Rowing Machine 3km rowed. Various upper body weights. Nothing outstanding but still better than sitting watching TV.
Friday: Work, nothing planned
Saturday:Work, nothing planned

Sunday: Ride day, undecided which one to do.

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