CTC Ride to Waterfalls Garden Centre (Merseyside Section)

Ride to WaterFalls Garden Centre by Wrexham. Ride write up, route and pictures to follow.
It was  a brilliant sunny day, it looked that good that I chanced it by going out in the new Discovery channel bibshorts that I bought on Ebay. An early start means I am at the Eureka for 9 am. The customary breakfast was polished off and then it was a wait for the others to turn up. Chester and Northwales were off to a pub at Great Barrow I didn’t know where Merseyside where off to.

Just as I’m about to leave with Chester Wednesday section Alan from Merseyside CTC turns up. They are off to Wales, so Wales it is and I’m back in the cafe for a 10:30 start. Now if Allans leading a ride I know there is going to be at least one ball breaker of a climb in the route. Today was no exception.
While I am sunning myself outside Steve Cummings turns up on what I assume is his training bike. It,s fitted with the SRM power meter chainset but what surprised me was the wheels he was using Bontrager Select by the look of it. A £90 set of wheels thats standard on a Trek 1000. I feel spoilt by going out on Bontrager Race Lites.


The A5117 roadworks  are starting to take their toll on rides out from the Eureka. Allan takes us along the A540 and through Upton to get us back on the old routes that we are used to. At the bridge over the Dee at Saltney we have a short stop for a mechanical repair. Once Allan gets his internet connection sorted you may even get to see a picture of me on the site. 

The route took us over the footbridge at Saltney and once across the lights it was a case of enduring the calls of “Tour de France” from the local residents at the one stop shop.



Somewhere outside Chester.



Some where around Borras on the way to the Waterfalls Garden Centre . We’ve had two small climbd to get to this point and the views over the Cheshire plain are good.

Once we reached Waterfalls garden centre I was a trip through the shop to reach the Cafe.. The  hot baguette was good and better value than some of the other places we have ridden out to lately.

I think Mike had the allday breakfast which was a monster of a thing, not something I would have these days.

On the way back we had a stop at the pond at Gresford to lookat the birdlife and there would have been more pictures if the memory card wasn’t full.

After this we had a drop down a long hill and then turned off for a climb up towards Llay.
Deceptive at the start  it steeps after a bend  and rears up to over 20%. I saw 20% It could have been  near 25% but I was too busy trying to push 30×25 getting up the damn thing. The garmin logged my heartrate at 173 BPM on this climb and it felt like it. Teenagers were walking a dog as I came panting past them. 30×25 on a tripple is granny ring stuff. We had a stop at the top to recover and chat about gear ratios.

Further on we go through an opening in a hedge and take a trip through a park ending up at Cefn-y-Bedd. Through Hope but not up it, along lower Mountain Road and across the footbridge over the A55. Dropping down from there it’s another short climb up towards Harwaden. It’s a 30 mph descent towards Queensferry over the blue bridge to Garden City through the industrial estate and before you know it your back at the Eureka.

And thats about it a good day out, brilliant weather had the shorts on for the first time this year. Met Roy and Joan back at the cafe and then it was back home and up RestHill again.

Link to Google Map of Ride

55 miles.

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