Weekending 01 Jul 07

Monday: Sheila,s spinning class at Europa pools. Only six of us in this class and for some it was the first time with Sheila. We ended up doing a sprint for 8 sets of 8 which was 64 seconds long. Everyone got something out the class tonight due to the lower numbers and a different set of faces.
Tuesday:TLI Road Race at Oulton Park. Made a few changes to the bike including the carbon bars, Race X Lite Saddle, Race X Lite Wheels and Conti GP4000 Supersonics @175 g.
The front wheel is 100g lighter and most of that is the tyre. The saddle is half the weight @ 160g. more later
Wednesday: Went out with Merseyside CTC to Elvis,s. Never been to Elvis,s before but it’s been done out apparently. 54 miles went down to the marsh at Ness and called in at Ness Gardens. Rain in the morning had a few going home but it brightened up and was glorious in the afternoon. Glad I went out even if I did get a soaking in the morning.
Thursday: Louises spinning class at Europa Pools. 560 odd cals worth or about two Mars Bars worth on the Mars Bar effort scale. Some had found Sheila,s monday class a bit of a strain. It wasn’t, it was just a bit different to what some are used to. Change is good, variety is the spice of life. There was specific advice about which muscles some of exercises are targeting. The girls aren’t looking to bulk up so less resistance is involved. Thats if there is any resistance on the bikes on level one.
A 34 pound flywheel doing 100rpm plus has a mind of its own with no resistance on it. I rely on heartrate to tell me if I’m working, it drops off to normal if there is no tension on the flywheel.  Sweated a bucket and had a go. Weights when I could get on a machine upstairs.
Friday: Work
Saturday: Audax 60 miles, a short loop around Snowdonia 1900 metres of climbing. You don’t want to know what the 200Km route comprises of. Dragon Ride is for wimps compared to the 200km route. 4400 metres of climbing. Think about it.

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