Weekending 15 Jul 07

Monday: Back from watching the presentation and Prologue in London. A monster post coming up about the weekend. Louise,s spinning class at Europa Pools had me getting back in to the routine again. 450 kcals meant either I wasn’t trying or the battery wants changing on the HRM chest strap. Good class, spent a couple of minutes deceiding what sprint we wanted to do to end the class.
Tuesday: The speed the Tour is going means I may have to miss tonights spinning class. Louise,s early spinning class, arrived in time to take up the last bike in the room. Opposite side to where I normally ride. Only bloke in the class tonight, it was nearly 50/50 lastnight. 600 kcals meant I was having a go tonight, a good two Mars bars worth. 183 BPM also.
Gym after the class, had a reasonable go here but some guys insist on resting on the machines.  Stepper machine for 10 minutes had me climbing over 100 floors.  Running for 2.5 km had me bumping into another Lifestyle and Weight Management member.
See you at the next follow up class. It’s great to bump into fellow course members  as it means they haven’t given up. 1180 calories burnt included a decent session on the weights and the arm cycling machine for 5 minutes.
Wednesday: Is ride day…….CTC ride to Abbey Arms. Had a flyer up the Switchback and then waited and waited. Thought the group had gone through the forest so went on to The Station Cafe.  Barry had suffered a derailieur failure hence the delay. Stopped at the abbey Arams for a chat and then went on my own. As this is on the Steve Cummings Training Ride route, this is what I took. A headwind meant I felt slow in parts, the weather was improving as the day went on. Took a slightly different route around Mollington and this brought me out about a 100 yards further up the Chester High Road than it normally does. Spent an hour in the Eureka and then rode through Mollington with Cannondale Kev, formally known as Pinarello Kev. On to Parkgate and got on the wheel of someone up to the Chester High Road then home.
72 miles.
I’d been let off the leash so to speak at the Abbey Arms so should have given Sheila,s spinning class at Europa Pools amiss, but I didn’t. I was suffering in parts of this class but it was a lively class and I made it to the end OK.
No Calorie count as although I was wearing the watch I hadn’t put the chest strap on.
Thursday: Nothing planned yet.But have sore legs from yesterday which I haven’t had for a long time. Louise,s spinning class at Europa Pools, the late one as I forgot half my kit for the first one and had to return home. No calories counted but I felt better than the other night and had a good go. One day the pair next to me will put their bikes away like the rest of the class.
Friday: Sheila,s spinning class at Europa Pools, class over booked so some got turned away. Hot class and went through water like it was going out of fashion. Three first timers, probably wasn’t ideal conditions for them. Weights in the gym afterwards. Calorie count was low tonight for some reason but it was by no means an easy class.
Saturday: Work, first time for 12 days.

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