Weekending 26 Aug 07 Wild Wales Week !!!

Monday:  Car failed it MOT on brake pad thickness  so that was the rest of the day taken up. While it was getting MOT’d I walked to Europa Pools to book a few classes. The failure meant not going to see The Bourne Ultimatum. Anyway I turned up an hour too early for the class again so went in the gym. 700 calories later I came out and started the spinning class. Gym session was 30 min Crosstrainer, 2 km rowing with the last 250m at full tilt this had me out of breath for once and looking at the HRM I can see why. 186 BPM.  Scary stuff for a guy who is trying to find the limit. Weights when they guys stopped using the machines as chairs between sets.
Sheilagh hurt herself in a step class when a pupil stepped into her and has been off since. One of the girls has organised a collection and we raised £30 for a card, wine and some holiday money.
Louise,s class was highlighted by her sister taking a mobile phone call while on the bike. Three points and a £60 fine.
This was a 600 calorie class, two lads from the Oval had made it back after a 3 month break  but other than that it was much the same as usual.
160 BPM  seems like coasting  after 186 BPM upstairs. Louise must have thought it was my birthday as I got the fan Twice.  There was some debate over the sprint at the end of the class. Hanni has suggesting various routines  after last week. I suggest give us your worst. There is a compromise. 8 sets of 8 followed by four minutes sprinting/spinning it’s a good mix.
1400 calories worth, it’s been a good start to the week. Throughout the class I’ve been in climbing mode for Sunday.
Tuesday: Went to see Bourne Ultimatim just watching it was a workout in itself. The pulse was up for long stretches of the film.
I’d booked two classes at Europa pools and was on the reserve list for both. On the first class  a bike failed and Louise had to give her bike up. Her face was a picture as she tried to do the class without a bike. Hot class and I went through a bottle of water. 600 calories for the first class and it was tough. Dasa gives up her bike to Louise. The girl next to me has seen the site and is interested in the number of calories burnt.
Now for the second class I wasn’t looking to do anything like the first. Just survive. At the end of the class the calorie count is 1200 calories.
600 for each class virtually down to the calorie.
It all start to make sense when I think about it. I went at my normal pace for both classes and both classes were pretty much the same. It figures that my enery expenditure will be pretty much the same too.

Liddl had Heart Rate Monitors for £9.99 on Monday that counted calories. You don’t have to have expensive kit to find out what your burning on a session.
Wednesday: Ride day. Last ride before the Wild Wales. Am I up for it, you bet.
Had a great day out with the North End, ride write up above.
Life style and Weight Management followup class. Five attended which is a lot lower than last month. No women turned up but it is the summer holidays. Next class September 18th
Thursday: Work, rest day. NO Exercise
Friday: Work again, but 10 chinups on a convienient bar.
Saturday: Gentle ride to the Eureka AM planned, see Jack and then prep the bike for Sundays Event.

3 thoughts on “Weekending 26 Aug 07 Wild Wales Week !!!”

  1. Frank,
    Great story. I would like to add if you do this route you should have a triple chain ring or 27 cassette on the back cog. I was on a borrowed bike with a 39-21. Man that was called big gear training.


  2. Tom, it may seem that way but my carbon footprint is the same as anyone elses. Another common misconception is that haven’t got a job. People look at the site, see what I do in a week, read a ride write up and figure I’m retired or something. Especially if I go out for a ride on a Wednesday.

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