Weekending 02 Sep 07

Monday: Rode out to the Eureka for breakfast. Spoke to the Northenders about the Wild Wales. Dave crashed on a descent and broke his saddle so bailed out at the halfway mark. Peter went out and did 60 miles sussing out the Mel Vasey memorial ride. I went home via  Denhall Lane through Neston and on to route 56. 20 miles.
Tuesday: Nothing, restday. Wrote up the Wild Wales post and what seemed like 100 other things.
Wednesday: Northend ride to Holt (Belisses Garden Centre) Was going out on a faster ride to Wales but Peter had had enough and joined Clives group on the towpath. I’d figured he knew we were going to get a right battering off the other group and was looking for an easier ride. If he’s hurting, I’d be hurting too.
Nice ride, saw Andy and Dave at the Eureka and discussed Garmin Edges. Dave informed me that a new Garmin is coming out, just when I’ve finally got the hang of the Edge.
Sheila,s spinning class at Europa Pools, first one for nearly a week! One of the two new girls in the class had the chain of the bike break and the flywheel just didn’t want to stop. Easyish class 560 calories, not many hills which is probably just as well after Sunday.
Thurday: Booked in at Europa Pools,early class as there was a waiting list for the late class. Class was half full, with plenty of banter about putting the tension in when I turn up so you dont get a mention in despatch,s. Which leads us on to Louise,s sister is doing a study on effort and music and is looking for volunteers. The HRM I use only logs totals so wouldn’t be suitable unless you took readings manually. I did sugest one of the gym machines that can measure power in watts as then it is a straight power reading and not based on heartrate. I’ve now got a fair bit of data on calories burnt spinning but always put more into it if the final sprint is to Sandstorm by Darude.
Eight sets of eight out the saddle is 64 seconds that a lot of people don’t want to do at the end of a class and always meets with groans when suggested.

As there is still interest in what I burn in a class I’ll probably end up doing a full post on it. Certain classes do burn more calories if you put the effort in. There is no need to get paranoid about not doing enough in a class. The very fact that you are doing one means your not slumped on the settee watching TV.
Friday: Work. No chance of a class today.
Saturday: Work. Two sets of of chinups, 10 on first set, 8 on second. Missing out on a good ride this weekend and it hurts.
Sunday: Work again, I should be out with the CTC but it’s not to be. Got to do something today, 3 rest days on the trot just doesn’t feel right.

7 thoughts on “Weekending 02 Sep 07”

  1. Thanks Dave I want one, still got that 100 waypoint limit in it for some reason. Looks like I’m going to have to do that Course feature after all. I can just see it, forums getting bombarded with questions like Why aren’t the maps any good in my 705 and it getting slagged off as a training device.

  2. There’s some speculation over the MicroSD offering additional waypoint storage, perhaps as a future firmware upgrade. I’m budgeting for one now, a few quid away each month and it’ll be mine when it gets released. Counterbalanced with eBaying my 305HR, it’s affordable – just 😉


  3. Hi Frank,

    Even though ive only had my 305 a few months and am still learning to use it, think im going to write a nice letter to Santa!

  4. Frank, chill out mate “3 days without doing anything!!! so what! you dont have to bloody hammer yourself everyday,give your body chance to recover,otherwise serious injury or burn out awaits you.

  5. No problem Andy, the time has been used to good effect. Like trying to tidy up the Wild Wales post after a HTML error crept in. The Edge page has had a bit of an update and probably wants a rewrite as 1000 a month visit it and 300 of those are probably American.
    I really missed getting a good soaking and riding behind someones unguarded wheel getting covered in slurry yesterday strangely enough.

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