Weekending 09 Sep 07

Monday: Barbera,s spinning class at West Kirby as there was a waiting list at Europa Pools. I don’t how many the class was to be but, but punters kept coming in and a bike being dragged in for them. What started of as two rows nearly ended up as three.
Now I never spin with zero resistance so I’d burnt 81 calories before the class got up and properly running. Now if Louises sister gets to read this she wants to geta copy of Barbera,s CD as the class was what I would call hard and the music was all new.

Now I set a new maximum calories burnt total tonight of 850 calories. Coupled to a new maximum heartrate of 196 BPM you couldn’t say I was coasting. Now everybody had a good go tonight. I didn’t see anyone coasting and Barbera would make a remark if her regulars were slacking. Even she said we had all done well.

Barbera still hasn’t got around to seeing what I write about the classes even though they come up in a Google search of “Spinning Calories Burnt” as number 2 out of zillions. Only Mens Health Magazine is above me with Slimming World (a mega oranisation) in third.

The reason this class was so hard was that Barbera played the entire CD with no breaks or pauses while a track is changed and we never get asked what we would like!…
The format was four of each seated sprint, hilll, sprint, hilll, chest presses with four each for a full track, sprint for the final track. You get the drift if you’ve done a class or two.

The secret is there is no letup in these classes for you to recover. My average heartrate was 151 BPM for over an hour. A good class Barbera even though you have no inkling of how many people read about your classes.

Not content with a personal best Spinning it was up to the gym for some weights (nothing above 50 Kg just to remind of what I was. Still scary now.) Rowing:500 mtrs in 1.55. 10 minutes on crosstrainer felt relaxed compared to a spinning class. Still sweating though. Shower, home. Took about 3 hours to write this post on the PDA as I don’t have broadband yet. 
Tuesday: Booked in for ONE class at Europa Pools, the woman on the phone asked if I was rested and upon asking why I was told someone had left the class lastnight early. They assumed it was me. Can’t be in two places at once, no doubt someone will fill me in with the details.

Not a bad class but I didn’t feel like breaking any records tonight. 660 calories and a max heartrate of 170 BPM. Got asked if I was going to do two classes to which the answer was an emphatic NO, see above. Busy day, got the Triumph running after a two year break. All I need now is some gear that will fit me.

Wednesday: Ride day. Good choice of rides these days. Wednesday section or Merseyside from the CTC or going out with the North End going out with the fast group means I’m in for a battering. I need two bottles to go out with the fast group as they stop for nothing.

A miserable start to the day had everyone calling upon the weather forcasters credentials.  Spoke to Ray about the new Garmin coming out and ended up giving him a belt on the arm as a wasp landed on him. Unfortunatley for Ray the wasp moved as did Ray so he got a whack for nothing, sorry Ray. As it was the Northend headed out and I was struggling to pack the over trousers away.

I ended up tagging on to four who turned of down Capernhurst Lane and were heading out to Rose Farm Cafe. I’d missed the other group heading off to Woodbank. I didn’t know it as Rose Farm Cafe but Utkinton Garden Centre which is why I get people doing searches for the garden centre visiting the site. Jack and Tony are on the front with tony,s wife whose name I have forgotten twice already  (Muriel)and Sandra behind with moi playing tail end Charlie.
Jack took on a scenic route adding a few loops in where I wasn’t expecting them. Muddy roads had us avoiding each others wheels. It was more slurry from the dairy farms in that neck of the woods than mud.
On arrival at the Cafe it was packed with cyclists, a large group of the Chester road club and another group from somewhere in Cheshire.

I’d spoken to Sandra about the site and what I’ve been up to on the ride and give her a guilt trip when the baked potato with side salad arrives. This was lessened when I went up for a slice of cake. We all ended up having except Muriel (I’ve finally remembered). The sun is out on the way back to the Eureka and it’s turned out to be a fine day.  Did a loop down to Parkgate and up to the Chester High Road. Ended up doing 62 Miles and turned the Garmin off at the Clegg Arms.
No spinning class as there was furniture to move. Which is another story.
Thursday: Booked a spinning class at Europa Pools last week. As it was such a nice day I ended up riding home to pick up the comic. Wrote up yesterdays ride. Did a 10 mile ride around Heswall and rode up School Hill for the fun of it. Bumped into Dave at Tesco traffic lights and had a chat.

Spinning at Europa Pools was a bit of a disaster. Missed the class I was booked in on and did the second class on a dodgy bike. The crank was loose and finger tight wasn’t good enough. It just got worse so I had to stop. Louise got one of the staff to fix it but it needed the right size socket. In the mean time Kerry gave up her bike to me. Thanks Kerry it was apprecieated. Then Louise and Kerry entertained us by doing a step class. Sheila,s fusion class was next up.  400 calories reflects the shortened class. Showers out of order still.Grrrr.
Friday: Ride day, last one this week. Steve Cummings training ride, early start on this one hitting Benty Heath lane for 9 oclock, a bad day out took some more pictures that I will post later. The road to Cotebrook is closed and dispite ignoring the signs as you do I had to retrace and head down the road to rejoinat Oulton Park. Loop down to front at Denhall added. spent longer chatting at the Eureka than I planned. 70 miles.
Spinning class at West Kirby preceded by a set of weights in the gym. 700 Calories. Saturday: Work. No Riding
Sunday: Work. Another rest day. Not a bad week all in all.Toying with the idea of doing a half hour loop after work, but the nights are closing in fast so it’s time to start thinking about lights for the bike.

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