Weekending 23 Sep 07

Monday: Work but booked in for West kirby and Europa Pools. Fifth on the waiting list for Europa pools meant I might have been bumped out of the class.
It’s a close thing trying to make Barbara,s 6 o’clock class and I end up on the front row of three rows, so it’s a full class.
Two weeks ago I did 850 calories in this class but tonight it’s only 650 the heartrate is a lot lower and there is no warmup.  It’s still a tough class as like a lot of Barbara,s classes there is very little letup between hills, sprints etc.
Finished with a 7 minute sprint with that extra 1/4 turn to make sure the legs know your not freewheeling.
Then it was in the car to Europa Pools where I made the class with places to spare.
Now West Kirby had taken it out of me and I couldn’t push as hard for the second class and I only ended up taking in half a bottle of water.As the class comes to an end with only the final sprint to do I mention that West Kirby did a 7 minute one. Now the gloves are off, we’ve got to do an eight minute one. I don’t know what the track is but you get to have a YeeHaa half way through. 1180 calories for the two classes.
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Lifestyle and Weight Mananagement followup class. Six turned up and and it was a really useful class. Brian had finished his year and had lost 4 stone. Another one that has stuck it out embraced the exercise and done really well. Just to add Brian is diabetic as well. 83.5 Kg This morning.
Thursday : First day off, plenty to do but should do at least one spinning class and some weights to boot. West Kirby tonight. Another tough class 750 calories. Weights in the gym and ran for 5 minutes on the treadmill when I finally figured out how to get the machine started.
Friday: It’s been throwing it down, might get out on the bike later but entered for an Audax in Shropshire. Spinning class at West Kirby no HRM so no calorie count. 7 in the class as its a Friday night. Gym before for weights and a bit of rowing. Not a bad week.
Saturday: Ride day don’t know where yet but the forecast isn’t bad.
Ended up riding out to the Eureka and going out with the NorthEnd to Ruthin for 77 miles. The Cafe by the river was closed and a wasp got trapped in the Giro Atmos and stung me. Ended up going to a pharmacy for some cream. The bad news is on uploading the ride history to the Training Centre I managed to loose all my history. Thats EVERYTHING since last November. I am not a happy bunny at all. Ive managed to reclaim part of it up untill the TLI roadraces but its still a loss of data that I don’t publish on the blog.
Sunday: Rode out to the Eureka for a cup of tea and then rode home at a fastish pace. Cadence not working on the Edge but noticed the wheel magnet missing.

3 thoughts on “Weekending 23 Sep 07”

  1. Hi Frank

    missed wednesday night due to work. i have emailed you but can you let me know the next meeting dates


  2. Frank,

    Use BackupTC to keep your training centre backed up – http://www.4shared.com/dir/1617883/93475929/GarminTools.html
    I make regular copies of my Training Centre and Sporttracks databases and store them on a different HDD. I have a task in Windows Scheduled Tasks that kicks off every night so I never forget.

    Once you’ve been burned, you’ll never allow it to happen again, that data is far too valuable to risk 🙂


  3. Dave, I downloaded it last night after trawling through the Forum looking for a solution. I had a 97mb file that got me as far as the TLI Oulton Park roadraces but there are some that I am trying to recover from MotionBased like the Wild Wales. I was mortified when I saw my history had gone up in smoke.

    Andy, Wednesday 17 October same time same place.

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