Aldi Winter Cycling Clothing

It’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in and even sunny days require more than just a short sleeved top.

Aldi are doing their Winter Cycling Clothing offer this Thurday 27 September.

This clothing saw me through my first winter season of cycling. All of it is excellent value and quality. I made multiple purchases last year and a lot of it is still unused with the tags on as I dropped a couple of sizes over the year.  It’s quite generously sized and Aldi offer a 30 day return policy. The only problem is that if your looking to exchange it then there is likely to be nothing left. It sells out VERY fast.

For a comparison I paid £30 for a pair of Altura waterproof overtrousers, Aldi have theirs for £7.99. The other garments all offer the same great value. There is no skimping on the quality either. If your looking to kit yourself out for the winter then this is the chance to do it at bargain prices.

My motto last year was to buy two of everything as one was going to be in the wash and I’ll be doing the same this year too as last years stuff is too big on me. I just hope there is enough length in the medium sized garments. Be there for when the doors open as it’s a bit of a bunfight on offer day.

Turned up early and was first in the queue, saw Dave in the queue and bumped in to a few regulars from the Eureka. I ended up spending over £100 on the hit and some of it is even better than last year I would say.  I’ll do a seperate review of the jacket as I can see this being one of my favourite tops this year.

The trolley got filled with:
3 long sleeved jerseys in blue
2 jackets full zip one blue one black.
2 bibpants, one with stirrups one without.
1 pair pants,
1 waterproof fluorescent jacket
1 waterproof overtrousers
2 pair waterproof winter gloves one black, one blue/black
1 overshoes with cap

All the above is a medium size and fits me well. The gloves at £2.99 are going up against the Sealskinz at ten times the price. They are long in the cuff and easily cover the end of the sleeves of the jacket or jersey. A lot of thought has gone into some of the items with really good detailing.

No glasses and there was a problem with the lights too. I’ve got no excuses now for not going out this winter but after last year I won’t be looking for any.

I am still getting visitors looking at the post I did on Crane Sports Technical Ski gloves that I tried last year so this years stuff should prove just as popular.
More when I’ve tried the stuff in anger.
I’m not putting the Discovery Channel stuff away just yet and I can see the day I end up freezing by wanting to still be a fashion victim. 

03 Oct 07 Tried the Overshoes and cap on for size. The design of the overshoe,s has changed this year with the zip on the side of the shoe. There is one shortcoming with the ones I have, the ankle top is too loose. I bought the 10/11 size to make sure it fitted over the shoe but you’d need ankle like tree trunks for this sizing. There shouldn’t be a problem with the zip this year and the material has changed with a more stretchy panel on the inside. 

4 thoughts on “Aldi Winter Cycling Clothing”

  1. Happy with my 2 jackets, a better alternative than the jerseys I reckon as they have a full length zip. Shame the glasses weren’t in, there was a sign at the checkout saying they hadn’t arrived I think.


  2. Dave, tried the black one on with the pants, most impressed with it. Looks really good with the high neckline and the reflective pinstripe in it.
    I’ve had some oddball comments about Aldi stuff like the golf jackets not being waterproof and where can I buy the bouncey castle but I can’t fault any of it.

    (not getting his new toy for christmas as the release date has been put back)

  3. Dave,
    I rang Garnin UK up and they said first quarter 08. Should imagine the US are going to get allocated theirs first. Just bought Metro guide off ebay to see what the Garmin mapping is like.
    Gives me a bit of breathing space .

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