Weekending 30 Sep 07

Monday:Work. No Gym, no spinning and no rides. New Edge charger on the go.
Tuesday: Sorted the Cadence sensor out on the Toy at 5:30 in the morning. Read article in Pro-Cycling about Discovery Channel demise. Work.
Wednesday: Work but could fit a session in the gym in.
Managed to get to West Kirby for Barbera,s class. First of the week and missing two days felt like going cold turkey. Anyway it was good to getback into it. Had a good go and the result was 700 calories burnt. Two new women got a round of applause at the end. The first class is always the hardest. Spoke to them after the class, I don’t think they quite know what they had let themselves in for but they made the grade. Gym for me for a few sets of weights. Funny thing was there were lads getting stroppy with each other for resting on the machines. Read the articles lads, 30 seconds to a minute between sets for for what your doing. Five minutes posing between sets is taking the piss.
Thursday: Aldi winter cycle clothing scrum 9:00 Aldi carpark. Work. 
Spinning class West Kirby, Loiuse,s Europa Pools class full. Got the entry back for Saturdays Audax.
650 Calories burnt and two sets of weights afterwards. Another three first timers, the two next to me not quite knowing what they had let themselves in for.
Friday: Probably a spinning class. Got to stay in for some double glazing to get delivered. It’s a hard life. Planned the route for the Audax.
Gym then Barbera,s spinning class. I’m not going to do the weights before spinning again as it really took it out of me. 550 cals burnt but it was hard work.
Class was about half full but some of the women were playing musical bikes. Swapping the one in their space for a red flywheeled one. Supposed to give a harder workout. Now I know all about workouts on these bikes, Just put an extra quarter turn in on every routine and you won’t need a bike with a red flywheel.
For those that read the spinning write up I now do all the climbing sections out of the saddle, this is to simulate how I ride my bike. I don’t sit in the saddle pushing a leg breaking resistance , it’s just not natural , so its out the saddle with a level of resistance in that simulates being on my bike. Looks like a wet Audax tomorrow time to give the Aldi gear an outing.
Saturday:Discovering Shropshire  Audax 118 Km.
Had a good day proved to be harder than the 73 miles would suggest. Every time I looked at the Edge it was showing a gradient of 10 per cent. Will do aseperate post on the event.
Sunday: CTC Presidents Ride in memory of the late Graham Mills. 18 mile ride to Eaton from Christleton pond. Nice easy ride to the village hall at Eaton. One small sharp shock after crossing the canal but nothing drastic.Spoke with afew that had come across the site but not met me on the rides before. Having only been in the CTC for a year means I haven’t bumped into the members of the DA let alone remember a tenth of the names.
Pace was a bit higher on the way back with a trip along the canal to Chester. Then it was along the Dee to the blue bridge and back on the cycle path to the Eureka. Rode home via the missing link. Another good day, nearly time to don the winter clothing but may have a few fine days left.

Write ups and pictures in separate post.

3 thoughts on “Weekending 30 Sep 07”

  1. Frank, Just been looking at your weight loss logged from Feb 06 to Jul 07. From that i’ve been trying to see how much exercise you did compared to how much weight you’ve lost.Seeing as you lost more per month from Feb 06 to Aug 06, were you doing more or less exercise then than you are from Jul 06 onwards?
    Hope that makes sense?

  2. Eddie, it’s a combination of the two. I’ve plateaued on the weightloss so I play around with the exercise. The first six months on the diet were fairly religious but I was still learning about the exercise. After awhile I started to see what my limits were and I’m still doing it. I wouldn’t read too much into it, the more I did the more I could do. Their was a steady progresion at the time which has leveled out now.

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