Weekending 07 Oct 07

Monday: Spinning class at West Kirby, 675 calories. Picked up a back injury so certain moves were sore. Should have known better. Mixed day received Mapsource Metroguide Europe for the Garmin that I bought off Ebay. Installed it and uploaded the two rides to it. It is good and it also shows up in the TrainingCentre so the basemap is no more. It is a significant upgrade for an Edge user and I paid less than £20 for it. I’ll do a separate post on it as it is a significant upgrade for Edge users. This is all in preparation for the Edge 705.
Back to the spinning, got sandwiched between two women that gave me a good run for my money. These girls are good, got to give credit where credit is due.
Tuesday: Work. Really suffering with back problems, missed a nights sleep no exercise for the foreseable future.
Wednesday: Work. Touch and go wether I turned in. Felt a bit better through the day but the hill climb is 50/50.
Thursday: Work
Friday: Took a day off to do some brickwork for a window. So booked into Europa Pools for a spinning class. They’ve been missing me, had to explain about going to West Kirby as the Europa classes are overbooked. Hanni has challenged me to do a double class on Tuesday. Can’t get on the first class Hanni . Anyway I was getting into a rut at West Kirby, Sheila,s classes are a change.
If your a woman looking at doing a spinning class I’d seriously recommend one of Sheila,s classes. She looks after the beginners and the classes are tailored to suit women. You get to know why you are doing a certain exercise. ie bum, thighs or calfs. None of the girls are looking to bulk up so it,s all about toning.
What was unusual about tonight was after the class Sheila had us on the mats doing abdominal exercises. First time I’ve been shown how to do them properly. Boy were they effective. Thanks Sheila.
Weights upstairs in the gym and spoke to Frances about the rides. Shower, home. br />
Saturday: CTC Hillclimb by the look of things. It’ll be my first. If it’s any thing like the old Nant y Garth it’ll be steep. Putting the Bontrager Race X lites wheels on the Toy might be taking things too seriously. Mind you the Toy is very serious in the CTC, the prefered weapon of choice is British steel prefably handbuilt by one of the few remaining frame builders.

Drove out to the start with the Toy on the Aldi cycle rack. Had a really good day, will write it up as a full post with pictures. As a taster I finished 11th on the freewheel. With the comments I’ve made before carbon is not the way to go for this event. Another good day, not what I was expecting but variety is the spice of life these days.
Sunday: Went to see Jack on the toy with a trip on the ferry. Came back on the Coastal Cylcle Route. 52 miles

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