Weekending 28 Oct 07

Monday: spinning class at West Kirby. Gym before hand.  Ordered the new Forerunner 50 for the spinning classes to log the whole class. Tried to lift my bodyweight on the lateral pulldown machine and failed. 50 kg (the weight I’ve lost is no problem) Filled the bottle and did Barbara,s spinning class. 775 calories and the heartrate went up to 170 odd.
Tuesday: Ride day, don’t know where yet but I will be out.  Weighed in at 81.5 kg this morning but the fat and muscle reading are  not right. Found the toy had a puncture from last weeks ride. Fitted a Hutchinson Discovery Channel tyre as the Bontager Race X lite was worn out. That tyre has seen me through some great rides but at least the tyres front and back match.
Delayed by the tyre change it was a Wirral coastal ride. First cafe stop was at Morrisons at West Kirby where there is a good selection of cyclists favourites, cakes. One eccles cake and a pot of tea later and I am on my way. Bought a puncture outfit from the cycle shop in Moreton and picked up the new chainring from Colin at Wheelbase. Called in at Europa pools to get a place on one of the spinning classes. 4 th reserve is the best I could do. One of these days I’m going to be unlucky and not get a bike. The Garmin Forerunner 50 was waiting for me when I got in, Yeehaaaaa.
I’ve installed the new version of the TrainingCenter that now recognises the Forerunner when you come near it. 30 mile ride by the way.

Did two spinning classes at Europa pools logged on the watch and am in the process of seeing where the data is as the watch says no history for some reason!!!!.
More when I get it sorted. As the Edge 705 is going to be using the same technology it’s going to make it a powerful piece of kit.
Wednesday: Ride day, another outing for the toy if the weather holds up.
Went out with Merseyside CTC to Delamere. Stopped for lunch at the fruit farm at the bottom of the Yeld. This was followed by a trip through Delamere forest with a stop at the black lake for Allan to takes some ride pictures and videos.


The trip down under the railbridge was steeper than it looks. No problem if you’ve a mountain bike but if your on the bling carbon fibre toy you have to question going down a section like this. As it was it was another of Allans devious forays into the unknown. Allan,s routes are always interesting and always seem to have a hill in them that might have you reaching for the granny ring whatever your age.

The trip through Delamere Forest was interesting as the forest was packed with visitors. There was a school trip on the hire bikes and the visitor car park was full. It gets a bit daft around the black lake with Allan regailing us with tales of the lady in the lake and excalibur.
I’m worried about someone walking off with 2K of Trek as we prat around the notice board looking at dragonfly species. Allan was doing his video,s that he publishes on the Merseyside CTC site. They are good and prove that life doesn’t end when you retire.

I’m a bit off retirement yet but with the four on four off shift patern that I work I have been asked if I am. Semi retired if you like but I make sure I’m getting at least one quality ride a week in. The future looks bright even if I start to loose strength through age. These guys don’t use age as an excuse these are out the doing it every Wednesday and Sunday respect is due.

No punctures this week and we even got back before the Eureka closed.

Link to Google Map of ride 
LifeStyle and Weight management followup class. Same time same place.
About eight turned up for the followup class with another class starting the rest of the year long course.
Thursday: Rode up to Tesco,s for a copy of Cycling weekly and had a cup of tea and a muffin in the cafe. Short ride around Heswall before the battery went flat on the Edge.
Booked in for an early spinning class at Europa pools.
Managed to arrive late for the class so I had a bit of ground to make up. Logged the class on the new Garmin Forerunner 50 HRM. The watch itself doesn’t count calories  but does log my heartrate over the 45 minute classes. When I finally find the formula that links calories burnt and heartrate I’ll be able to and it to the Training Centre log. The problem with Forerunner 50 is that on a spinning bike you are stationary and it uses speed and distance to compute the calorie figure. The Aldi HRM is not being finished up yet by the looks of it. If I was out on the Toy it would get its speed and distance data from the GSC 10 cadence sensor but as there is no wheels on a spinning bike thats not going to work. The only other option is to wear a footpod and take up running.
The bluetooth data upload works fine once you have saved the workout as history on the Forerunner. At the moment I haven’t programmed in any zones or done any intervals on the HRM, I’m just using it to log the classes.

Doing two classes back to back gives me heartrate data to overlay and as the classes are pretty much the same you can see where I’ve eased off after a hillclimb or kept the pace up for a sprint. All I know at the moment is I can’t put as much into the second class as I do in the first.
Friday:  Work. May give the lights another try out seeing as the clocks are going back on Sunday. I’ve been going out in the Aldi Winter cycle clothing the last two weeks as the weather has turned too cold for shorts. The jacket is proving to be very good as its windproof and water resistant on the front and breathable on the back. I’m wearing a Discovery longsleeve winter jersey under it and at the moment it doesnt need an extra base layer. Last years Maddison waterproof winter cloves are taking care of my hands at the moment.
As it turned out I managed to get a class at West Kirby and thought I would log it on the Forerunner 50. that was the plan the out come was a bit different. The class went as they normally do and everything was OK untill the cool down. The Forerunner had stopped timing the training session due to the stop/start button getting knocked on the chest presses. Worse was to come, on trying to upload the data the alternative time zone had kicked in with all the button pressing. I’m looking at the watch and it saying 5 am on the 4 July  which sounds like the default date when first switched on. Holding the lap/reset button just asks to clear the data not save the history. Now I’d loggerd my resting pulse at 50 bpm during the day  and tool it up to 170 during the spinning class. All that data was lost which was a shame but I’ve managed without it all this time. The upload reloaded the previous history into the training center. That was the only thing that went right on the day.  No gym, must do a workout on Saturday.
Saturday: Work. Didn’t do the workout I’d promised to do.
Sunday: Work and on call. Would have been a nice day for a ride too. Can’t see me going out on the Iceni either.

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