Weekending 16 December 07

Monday: A potter around day sorting the bike out. New Dura Ace pads for the Iceni after yesterdays ride the old ones on the rear had picked up some aluminium off the rim and were chewing away at the rim on the descents.Bought a 52 tooth Ultegra chainring off Ebay for a fiver posted. I keep loosing Ebay auctions on various bit of kit for the Colnago but I don’t want to go over the top just to win the auction. Booked in at Europa Pools for tonight’s spinning class. Probably go the gym beforehand to do some weights. I know I need to do more if I’m to stay sorted.

Gym10dec07.JPGThe first part of the TrainingCentre screenshot was the gym session which comprised of Rowing for 10 minutes followed some weights. The next spike up was a run at 10 km/hr for 1 km, no mile run heroics tonight. Followed it up by 10 minutes on the crosstrainer. This was OK and the chart doesn’t lie, it just wasn’t intense enough. 
Only 7 in the class tonight, I’m usually on bended knee at reception trying to get a bike but not today. Went back in the gym put 60Kg on the Lat Pulldown machine and did a set of 10, first time I’ve done 60 Kg. Still didn’t do enough weights.Shower, home.

Tuesday:  Going to update the Bikes page probably with a few pictures. It’ll mainly be about winter bikes as it’s important to just get out there and ride. Haven’t been out on the Toy for a while now but the difference between the Iceni winter bike and the Trek aren’t that great at the end of the day. A couple of pounds heavier maybe but once your out there you soon forget the difference.

Spent the morning cleaning the Iceni for the pictures that are now up on the Bikes section. Went out with Val for one of the few rides she has done on the Trek 1000 WSD. It was a trip to Ness Gardens for a cake stop. Allan came the other way as we were turning in. I was freezing as the pace was a lot slower than normal. Val had to relearn how to use the Sora shifters and all about being in the right gear.
The objective was to keep her in the middle ring and learn how to use the lever and downshift button on the righthand shifter.

Bumped into a retired work college from Octel at Ness Gardens. Retiring at 50 can’t be bad as he said he hasn’t worked for eight and a half years.

I had planned to go down to Parkgate but we were held up behind the church at Neston by a lorry delivering a skip. The climb out of Parkgate might have been a bit much too on a first ride. Once around Gayton roundabout it was big ring time and 22.5 mph back home.

Barbara,s spinning class at was notable in that it started early and Heidi came in for her normal last minute arrival. Logged it on the Forerunner 50 and it was a fairly steady class with the heartrate around the 150 bpm mark for most of it.

11dec07.JPG Shower, home.
Wednesday: Ride day. Might as well make the most of it while I can.
A cold ride out to the Eureka for breakfast with a healthy turnout of NorthEnders. The ride today was to Rose Farm and at one stage there were 20 of us on the ride. The two guys on the front didn’t know this and twice we got into bother with motorists on the Strawberry roundabouts. Things calmed down a bit once we got into the Cheshire lanes.


We lost 6 crossing the A51 and another four turned off at Huxley for the Ice cream farm. So then we were down to 9. The pace was slowed a bit on the hills as someone was starting to drop off the back. These were Jacks rides and I suspect things are going to take a while to settle down. 

The trip out went to Bunberry and Beeston and we passed the Chester Road club having their Christmas dinner at CoteBrooke.

Pictures open up to full size when double clicked twice.

Link to Google map of ride. 
65 miles.

Spinning class at West Kirby, went for it but forgot to take a towel no wonder the floor is uneven. I was a bit early and was spinning away when the woman on the next bike asked how far had I been. Silly question as the reply was 65 miles. Not a bad class but Barbara does need to get a grip and get on the bike. I could rattle a class off with my eyes closed.
Heidi was late and got ribbed for it all class.Mind you she was right about Tuesdays class starting early. It did by 4 minutes according to the Garmin HRM. For those that don’t know Heidi she is registered as blind and her Labrador is usually in the cage at West Kirby.

Sustrans won the peoples £50 million I’ve just found out so that’s a new bridge for cyclists over the River Dee. I voted for it and I’ve seen Paul from the Northend pushing them to vote for it. Good news and a vote for common sense. I’ve been to the Eden project and they really don’t need more money throwing at it. A lot of the plant species are dying off in the domes as you can’t get that much diversity in such a small space.

Thursday: Replaced a headlight bulb on the Renault, had a punctured tyre replaced and took the Iceni,s rear wheel to WheelBase to get a spoke replaced and a new tyre fitted. On the ride yesterday the rear of the bike felt skittish on wet roundabouts. It felt like I was going to go down a couple of times. I’d fitted new brake blocks to Iceni so knew it was true when I set them up. The Vittoria Rubino pro,s have served me well and I’ve put a fair few miles on them. When Colin looked at the tyre it had a lot of cuts in it but the profile was square. That explained why if felt skittish when banked over the contact patch must have been minimal. The replacement tyre is a Continental Ultra Sport that has a slight tread pattern but a smooth crown.

Updated parts of the site replied to a few comments and picked the wheel up.
Went to the gym ran a proverbial mile did those weights I keep avoiding and then did Louise’s spinning class which was half empty despite me being third on the waiting list. I’m leaving the class and Louise asks me where I’m going? Home is the reply, two classes on the bounce is too much to do without an energy drink of some sort.

Friday: Jacks funeral at Landican Cemetery. Bitterly cold today, the service was well attended with Brother James (a Northender) doing the service. Frankby for refreshments after the service and it was the usual suspects at The Fox and Hounds where a few tales were told. Daves roller story you couldn’t make up beats my falling off a turbotrainer with a shoulder into sling into a cocked hat.

Spinning cancelled.

Saturday: Ride day for me. Coming to the end of the year and I’m starting to reflect on it. What a year it’s been, there have been many highlights that I don’t know where to start.
Rode out to the Eureka for breakfast and then rode out with the Northend to the Ice Cream Farm. It took the cycle route through Chester and then on to Chrisleton Waverton and then on to the Ice cream farm. Turkey Baguette for me and a pot of tea. Weather was cold and there was a headwind out that slowed me to 13 mph at times.
Peter wanted the run done at 16 mph and his wish was achieved later on when the wind had died down. Relaxed ride 58 miles including 5 miles logged on the funeral.
Came back via the gates avoiding the A41.
The loop home included a trip down Denhall Lane and up through Neston cross following what looked like Steve Cummings in his GB kit. Paul and Maxine shouted me at the cross as I turned off to do the loop down to Parkgate.
Sunday: Restday no riding, a feed the ducks with Jack day.
done nearly 5000 miles with the Edge according to the TrainingCentre  it was 189 miles this week it all adds up and the bike doesn’t ride itself.

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