Weekending 23 Dec 07

Monday: Plan to do some exercises out of Mens Health magazine and a spinning class.

17DEC07Spin.JPG Turned out to be a hard class as I took my heartrate up to 180 BPM on a climb, final spin was good as I kept feeding in very small amounts of tension to keep the heartrate from falling. It’s been a while since I pushed myself up into zone 5 and there was more left. I’d had my Tesco Finest pizza before the class so it was well burnt off by the end. Pressups (20) at home and some crunches on a fitball but nothing drastic.
Tuesday: Thinking about doing a morning spin class. Maybe another afternoon ride with Val as last weeks didn’t go too badly but she needs to sort her gear changing out.

Turned up at West Kirby expecting a half empty class but it was full and I only just got a bike, same bike as last night so it didn’t need setting up. Twas much the same as last night with a good go near the end. There is a bike floating around that has the cranks set at 90 degrees instead of 180 that inadvertently got put out there where that many in the class. Shower then home for breakfast.
Bit of a faf around day so booked a second spinning class at Europa Pools. The scales say I am below 83 kg  which is good. Two of the women at the Europa class turned up with reindeer antlers for the class which brightened things up.Louise had mince pies and wine for us at the end of the class and they were really good. So good that the second class was still outside waiting to get in. Beforehand I’d done some weights in the gym, a bit of rowing and 10 minutes on the crosstrainer.
Wednesday: Christmas dinner ride to the Ice Cream Farm for the Northend.
Turned out to be a good day with good turnout for the ride. Boy it was cold and there was an eerie mist that the sun was trying to burn off.
DSCF3506.jpg I’ve a couple of pictures of groups leaving the Eureka. The Chester Road Club and the CTC were also leaving at around the same time. Around this time last year I took the same set of photo,s with Mel Vasey on  them. The ride was at a medium tempo. Since the loss of Jack no one seems to take contol of the group.

We had a split in the group when les punctured after the roundabout and once repaired it was past the zoo and down the hill at Backford. Then the fun starts as it’s a quick ascent with riders taking a turn on the front. I’m on the back of all this trying to get back on as Lionel starts to fall off the back so I pass Lionel who is doing 27 MPH. the Garmin has it at 28 MPH and it’s not until after the Penguin roundabout that It starts to come together again. Big ring stuff this.
Back to the Eureka for a flapjack and a drink.
I’ve kitted the Iceni out with battery operated christmas tree lights and got the chance to use them on the ride home via the Missing Link . They look really good in the dark and they do seem to have stopped the motorists from trying to take me out along Brimstage Road.
Just learnt of a incident that The Chester Road Club had. Fractured collar bone in two places but was fortunatley wearing a helmet. Thanks for that Ray. I’m not here to ram safety down peoples throats but a bit of foam on your bonce is really par for the course these days, it weighs nothing and if you go for something designed for the purpose it is going to funnel air around the scalp.

Lifestyle and Weight Management followup class same time same place.
Three of us turned up which is not too good.Agreed to do some publicity article for the course, we’ll have to see how it turns out. Next followup class is  9 Jan 2008 at 5.30pm.  Once you have missed on followup class it is very hard to get back into it if the timetable has altered. Ron reckons I am doing 10 times what most are doing. I don’t doubt it but it seems normal to me now. My year finnished last Febuaruy/ March  but what can a guy do to repay those who have given him so much but keep going back. It’s an hour a month out of a schedule that looks forward to it rather than dreads it.The last year has been an unbelivable year for me and I owe so much to others for it. I’m going to reveiw the year as I saw it  so it’s going to be a long post.
Thursday: Better do some Christmas shopping. But before that I have booked into the 10.15 spinning class at West Kirby.
Not a bad class considering I had to rush my breakfast, I wouldn’t have been able to do the class on empty. Took two Lucozade sports into the class (with caffeine boost) but only drank one. Took the heartrate up to 180 BPM twice then eased off. Been a good week so far.
Went shopping in Chester and bottled out of the Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3 decision. Mind you no seems to have the 60 gig PS3, plenty of deals on the cut down version.
Another Spinning class at West Kirby, good job I’ve got plenty of  Discovery kit as the washing machine is taking a battering doing two classes a day.
Front Mech for the Colnago Carbitubo arrived through the post today. I’ve been active on Ebay for bits and bobs. The 5Watt 192 lumen LED came from China yesterday, that is serious illumination if I can get the thing working.
20DEC07Comparison.JPG Just uploaded the data from the second class as you can see it remarkably similar. I did push myself for the first class and it shows on the chart. I’d say it was an uncanny match. You may have gathered by now that I go hard in these classes and get through 750 ml of water in a class.
Friday:  No spinning in the morning, may take a ride in the -4 weather to freshen up.
Boy it was hard going getting to the Eureka and bitterly cold.  I was only the second one there but a few others came in as I was about to leave. A round Wirral circular ride got curtailed at Moreton but it still ended up at 35 miles which wasn’t bad. At times I was down to 8 mph and the heartrate was 150 bpm so it wasn’t much fun. I felt like a right plodder turning the pedals.
Need to do some weights as my arms are loosing bulk by the look of things.
Spinning at Europa Pools for the last time this week.

Barbara and Sheilas class compared.JPG  This is a snapshot of the two classes compared. There is no comparison between the two classes really. The tempo of Sheila is never constant always throwing me out of sync. I’d say they were more for for the women and keeping them toned. Weights beforehand and a couple after, nothing big but enough for now. The parking wardens were inside keeping warm. Don’t take a chance with the pay and display at Europa Pools it’s their last port of call before they clock off and easy pickings for them.
Saturday: Ride day. Not as bad as yesterday but still not the best of days. Ten of us led by Tempo headed off to Wales. Wales only means one thing, hills. Today it’s the Halkyns. Once through the lights at Northop it was a steady climb at a fastish pace.
The shout goes out to turn left at Afon Conwy. This is the first steep climb of the day and does split us up, the climbers of the group have stopped at the top at a Tee junction that leads us off to Halkyn. There is sheet ice across the road at one point so you’ve got to be wary.
One of the descents nearly had me wearing out a set of Dura Ace brake blocks, the lever was getting a bit to close to the bar and had to be adjusted. What goes down must go up and boy was this lane steep, it peaked at 26% and I should know as I was walking at the time. I think this is only the second time that I’ve got of and walked. Maybe another day for this one but Iwas walking as fast as Dave Large who was struggling on a 39 tooth ring.
They really like Northenders in formation in Wales, not. Had another prat shaking fist at us to get into single file on the drop down to Shotton.Must have impeaded his progress by all of 30 seconds.
Gridlock at Connars Quay had us riding through the traffic. a lad in a car asks us how far we cycle, 50 miles was the answer.
Then it started to rain, it was cold enough for it to snow but it didn’t. The Aldi Winter cycling gear was getting a real testing. None of it claims to be waterproof, the jacket is water resistant and so it proved. The Discovery Channel winter shirt stayed dry. The bibtights took a good soaking and did resist it fairly well, I should have stopped and put my overtrousers (Aldi) on.
The only problem was the BBB cloves I was wearing got soaked and I had to ride home from the Eureka with cold hands and feet as water had also got into the Sealskinz socks too.
Mulled wine and a breakfast at the Eureka then home through Willaston, Thorton Hough. Bike got plastered in crap by the Thatch and needed hosing down when I got home. 52.8 miles and another good day out.
Link to Google Map of ride 
Sunday: Northend Freewheel but I’m out visiting the grandson. Eureka Closed, someones bound to expect it open. You’ve been warned.
Icy out and saw someone on a bike go down on it while I was going out for a paper. Glad I got my ride in the day before as it was it turned out to be a nice bright day but I don’t want to take the risk of riding on ice. Tomorrow is the aniversary of my crash and cracked shoulder. It took a long time to get back into it.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 23 Dec 07”

  1. Frank you missed a great day out, but family comes first. The weather though cold to start was crisp and dry. We had a really good day with the usual great meal and refreshments at the Rigger, Lionel led the choir ably assisted by the ‘Tone Deafs’. I was feeling sorry for the regulars. I came fourth in the downhill comfortable in the knowledge that I didn’t cheat. Have a great christmas and new year.

  2. Thanks for the comment Barry. I realised I’d be missing a good day out when I was stuck in traffic in brilliant sunshine. I managed 10th in the CTC freewheel and the chap that won it had travelled up from Northampton just for the freewheel. He had 32-35 millimetre tyres on too so it can’t be about rolling resistance. There were a few on carbon bikes and we came nowhere.
    Back in work on the 29th so New Year is going to be quiet.

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