Weekending 30 Dec 07

Monday: Last minute Christmas shopping
Tuesday: Christmas day, rode around to my mum and dads on the toy but had to put a new tube in the rear tyre. Last time it was used was on Jacks funeral. Did about 5 miles  and coming back home the roads were empty.
Wednesday: Went out on a 40 mile ride with Barry from the North End. Eureka closed and going down Woodbank there was a club coming the other way. We ended up at the Blue Moon Cafe on the Dee at Chester. Route went around the Roodee racecourse. One puncture at Parkgate didn’t deter us. The route back was back on the cycle track coming off at Upton to give the A5117 gap a try. It means cycling about 100 yards up the road to where the gap is.The Woodbank side has been tarmaced for access to the farm and is wider than the old cycle crossing.
route back was via the Missing Link. The tide was high going to Chester and it was still rising when we were sat outside at the Blue Moon Cafe. The river upstream of the weir was rising and the pontoon that the rowing club had set off from ended up being submerged.
Barry has entered for the Dave Lloyd mini challenge, I’m still toying with the mega challenge. The mini is a challenge in itself but you’ve got to have a dream. I’m still working out what I want to do but the Ventou has already come up in conversation.
I’ve a feeling I should work my way up the list but I do want to do Alpe D’huez and a couple of other classics.
Mind you from some one who never ventured outside the Wirrall on a cycle the UK still has a lot to offer as I discovered last year.
Link to Google Map of ride

Barry it is worth looking at the map in hybrid mode, you can see where we crossed the A5117, cut the corner in Upton and rode around the race course.
Thursday: Jumped on the scales and didn’t  like what I saw, time to get back into it. Time to sort out the punctures, fettle the bikes and get back to the gym.
Went to Tesco,s for Cycling weekly which wasn’t in so bought the Times and had a cup of tea. I don’t know who has upset Matthew Paris be he’s suggesting decapitating us with piano wire for among other things riding two abreast. I’ll put a link in. Another anti cycling piece from a Times writer, I may be taking anons advice and switching newspaper.
Booked in for a spinning class at West Kirby and sorted the punctures out.
Spinning class went well, only half turned up and I’d missed out on the morning class.

Barbara,s Thursday Class.JPG Spent 10 minutes warming up and the final sprint shows the three sprinting stages to the final track.
Friday is step class and I don’t do step yet!
Friday is my last day off before I go back to work so I’d like to make the most of it. I’ve wasted a lot of time on the Parris post but it’s probably worth it in the long run.
Friday: My last day off. Intend to make the most of it. Booked in for a spin at West Kirby but want to get my last ride of the year in. What a year it’s been, finally got the work/life balance sorted.  Fitness is good but could be a bit better, at this rate I’ll see 50 where two years ago it was marginal. I wouldn’t have seen 55 which is a pensionable age for me.

Went out for a ride and as it blowing a gale the wind direction dictated it was going to be another Wirral ride. Cake stop at Ness Gardens then on to Parkgate, Wirral Way coming off at Lower Heswall. The cycle path by Church Farm has had the hedge cut and this was my undoing. After a 30 mph blast down Thurstaton cutting I ended up with a puncture at Caldy village or should I say three. I was taking my time with the first one and used my last patch on it.
Puts the wheel back in only to find the front flat  too. Sorts that one out only to find the rear has gone soft. Pumped it up but only got as far as the boat club in West Kirby. Used my last tube on it  and limped to Morrisons. Didn’t look like I get a place in the cafe so pressed on to the Bike Shop in Moreton for a tube and 2 repair outfits.
Then it started to rain. Time to put the Altura overtrousers on. I had my Altura Hi-Viz Jacket on too and with the sleeves over the Aldi winter gloves I remained pretty dry.

Changing three tubes meant my hands were filthy and the next stop was Woodside for a clean up and a cup of tea. I must have spent an hour on the punctures so I was running late. The toy had a flat too so I’ve still got a problem with the tyre, I’m having a bad time with punctures at the moment and kevlar belting in the Conti that I fitted the other week didn’t work for me. Home down route 56, 41 miles and the end of my riding year.
5220 Miles, 214,228ft of climbing 317,418 calories burnt, Max pulse 192 BPM !!!
What a year.
Spinning class at West Kirby only about 8 of us for the last one of the year. Not intense as yesterday, I spent it at a whole heartrate zone lower than yesterdays class.
Saturday: First day back at work this month right in to the thickof it, no exerise.
Sunday: Much the same as Saturday but did some chinups. They only confirmed what I’ve been feeling for a while, that I’ve lost form. Used to rattle 10 off no problem now it is 5 or 6. So thats the new year resolution, do more weights in the gym and regain what form I had. When I kept a log I could see if I was improving, once I stopped logging it was too easy not to that extra rep to beat the last score. At least I know what is required.

One thought on “Weekending 30 Dec 07”

  1. Cracking ride Frank. I did 56 miles in total by the time I got home and had dropped down to 226 lbs or sixteen stone 2 lbs in real money. To top it all I even got to the mother in laws for the annual boxing day family gathering in good time, so brownie points earned with the wife. Will be out over the weekend not sure which day though. Photos sent through.

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