Weekending 03 Feb 08

Monday: Felt OK after yesterdays ride but it wasn’t the best day at work, remembered the Scenic needing a starter motor. So this would mean struggling in the dark to locate the bolts to remove it. Hit the gym to work it off, but first I managed to get the last bike in Louises spinning class. Weights upstairs and then ran a mile at 10 km/hr which equates to 6 mph. Most people are under the impression they walk at 4 mph I think they will find it’s a lot less. Heartrate was 155 for most of the run and I didn’t turn it off like I did last week.

The aim is to run at different speeds to see what my heartrate is for a given speed.
I was ten minutes at this level at it felt OK to sustain it this level. Yesterday the 20 mph stretch on the front with Phil was at 150 BPM, it’s do-able  but I can’t keep to that pace for too long. Weights, shower, home.
Tuesday: Booked in for the spinning class last week, I’m learning how to use the system. Got chucked out of the gym for not having a ticket, it’s not as if the jobsworth hasn’t seen me before. Returns with a ticket does ten minutes on the weights and went down to get a bike in Barbara,s spinning class. The woman on the back row behind me has also had a run in with her too about getting shown how to use the new machines. Class went OK and I’ve posted the comparison between the two. Starting to look at rides for the coming year and the Gran Fondo Cymru has caught my eye. It’s a week after Janets Chester and Northwales 50. I also got the results of last years CTC competitions and I earned a bronze award for 6 events and 60 points.
With only one ride a week available to me now I’ve got to make every ride count.
if I can get acredited for the track that will give me another outlet as one ride enough just isn’t enough. The woman next to me on the spinning class mentioned about getting her fix and sitting on the couch wasn’t enough. It’s the same for me, a good spin clears the system for me. I still don’t do climbing in the saddle but others around me still turn over a really slow cadence with way too much resistance. The rider to the right of me was pushing her thighs down at one stage. I didn’t say anything but it doesn’t seem right to struggle on a hill whereas climbers don’t look as if they are riding a butchers bike. The usual sweat fest for me with a fair few of the class getting deceidely pink. Shower, home.
Wednesday: Booked a class last week too. Just as well as the class is full, last weeks newbies turn up again all six of them so my theory is blown out of the water.
Once they start putting some resistance in they will know what it is about. Barbara moves the fan around them so they must be a bit stressed. The woman to my left is suffering a bit but I haven’t seen her in a class before but Barbara knows her so it could be her first class of the year. No weights after last nights shenanigans but it was full and I was better off claiming a bike.
Thursday: Booked in to West Kirby again and also booked next week as well.
Gym for a set of weights (1) fill the bottle and go down  for a bike. Logged it all on the Forerunner 50. Mentioned to one woman that she had her seat height set too low in the class but it didn’t register.
Spoke about knee damage after the class. I think she was more concerned with who she was riding with rather than her own setup.
Had a good session. Vocal class down the other end.

Friday: Scenic needs sorting after work. No classes booked but Sheilas class is at at 5.30 and Barbara,s is 6.30. Barbara’s was full last week so went to Sheila’s class.
I still reccomend Sheila,s class for women, you don’t have to pretend your having a good go.
Sorted the Scenic out, it proved to be a faulty battery. Exchanged the faulty micro wave and managed to get a place on Barbara’s spinning class for the fifth one of the week. Music was changed for tonight and it was at a faster pace. Logged on the Forerunner 50  and uploaded automaticaly to the Training Centre.
Saturday: Ride day, but woke up to hail and black ice with puddles frozen. The urge to get out was strong but I ended up riding down to the Eureka for breakfast  with no tools or spares so a ride was out of the question. Northend die-hards were there and they opted to go to the ICF. Rode back the way I had came with the sun coming out and no sign of the forecast snow.
Sunday:  Feed the ducks day. Rode out to the Eureka for breakfast with the intention of riding back with the Janet and the CTC as far as Gayton.
After getting frozen on yesterdays trip I opted to pull the tags of the Crane Sports Compression Thermal Underwear. This is similar to the Nike stuff that Rooney wears in their ads. It’s more like a skinsuit and smooths out all the flabby bits.
I’m chugging along the top road battling into a headwind. I’m looking down at the chainset struggling to maintain 13 mph when Terry comes past. What I don’t know is he was with Dave Large and he drops him to sprint across to me.
Now we have this two man chaingang doing 19-20 mph down the Chester High Road and getting caught by all the lights. Dave said he looked up and we were gone. It was a damn good pace considering it was into a headwind and I was at my limit.
I got to test the wicking properties of the thermals by the time I hit the Eureka.
I’ve signed up for next sundays Track Session at the Velodrome so I’ve got something to look forward to all week.
Northend Training Ride again, this is the third one I’ve missed and I know I’m going to be in for a hard time when I get around to one.

Hung on at the Eureka to ride back with Janets Wirral ride. Janet was late as that headwind delayed her. Got some pictures  by going off the front at Burton and Parkgate. I had to leave the group on the climb out of Parkgate with other riders scheduled to join on the way. With the wind behind them they should be OK untill Moreton where they will be riding straight into it. Ellevenses at Hoylake.


Booked into West Kirby for a spinning class as I should have stuck it out  yesterday and wimped out of a ride.
Spinning class was much the same as the weekly ones, sweated buckets, a few regulars, a few I haven’t seen before and one newcomer.
A good end to a mixed week. Cycling wise I’m not getting the miles in. The track beckons next week and that is a new challenge. The CTC rides are at a slower pace and this is where I started. It’s a fat burning pace rather than aerobic. If you’re still wondering if you’re up to the pace think about 13 mph and you should be OK.

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