Weekending 24 Feb 08

Monday: Gym for weights, rowing, 15 minutes on the crosstrainer and a spinning class at Europa Pools.
Tuesday: Booked a spinning class at West Kirby. Not a bad class did about 10 minutes of weights beforehand. And 500 metres of running. I\’me  going to reccomend more chairs as all the blokes seem to be using the machines as rest stations again.
Wednesday: Another spinning class at West Kirby. Max was 174 BPM with a lot of the class spent in zone 4. Shower, home. Looking at cycle lighting articles on audax uk. The Cateye site has has updated it\’s beam patern diagrams. They now reflect  what you see from the bike. The EL530 maybe good as a battery light(I beg to differ) but the EL830 is absolute luxury compared to it. Wednesday is a ride day at the Eureka, glad I was tucked up indoors today. Just had time to look at Winners Dinners from the weekends Sunday Times, he\’s plugging his diet book  again saying the Times is reccomending it (they would). I\’d say it was more to do with nearly loosing a leg than healthy eating. Don\’t see anybody calling him obbesesive  for not publishing his weight in the articles but it\’s obvious he\’s put a bit on.
I\’ve also followed the Indera Knight articles as she has had a good go as well.

All I can say is that money and an easy life springs to mind in both cases. One of the reasons this site has no adverts is that I don\’t want to be seen from profiting from it.

The fact that I now have a good few years in me is enough reward for me, I\’m not expecting to keel over in the near future but it was the next step the way I was.
Thursday: Guess what another  class at West Kirby. 84.3 kg.
Friday: Not sorted out anything yet but the Velodrome beckons. Booked in for a taster/improver session.
A dozen of us turned up for the taster/impover session and an hour had us doing three group exercises. Picked up a bit more knowledge.
Saturday: Sort the bike out day.Took things easy, had a good look at the TOY and had had a go of my Xbox 360 which isn\’t getting a lot of use. Loaded Rays Radway Audax route onto the Edge.
Sunday: Audax 150k from Cheadle.

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