Weekending 23 Mar 08

Monday: Gym and a spinning class at Europa Pools. Two fifteen minute sessions on the crosstrainer, 2 km of rowing in 7 min 50 seconds, weights and then the spinning class.
The class doesn’t finish till 8 so it’s a long day. Making a few lifestyle changes over the next week or so to see if they have any effect.
Tuesday: Spinning class at West Kirby and I was pretty sure I was booked in last week but was in good time to get a place once the 15 minute rule came in. Two women in front of me got places and I got the third. Mayhem ensued when about five turned up to no bike. Heidi who is always late stood no chance.
Now this was a good class with a solid 20 minutes in Zone 4 and 7:45 in Zone 5. In contrast to Mondays class where I already spent an hour in the gym the figures were in a different league. My max for Monday was 145 BPM in contrast to tonight where my average was 149 BPM.
Still looking to get one of the first Edge 705’s but the mid March launch now looks like April. Very frustrating for the likes of me but it doesn’t detract from what a superb device the Edge 205/305 is.
Garmin Connect is starting to improve but it is nowhere near ready or as good as MotionBased. With over a years worth of data on TrainingCentre and over 100 rides on MotionBased it’s not something I want to give up and loose that data.
Picked up MensHealth Magazine  on the way home along with enough fruit to keep me going for a few days.
Wednesday: Spinning by the look of things.
Spin at West Kirby, no agro over bikes as there are four free. Two first time guys get shown how it should be done by a largely classfull of women. I’m a zone down on last night which does suggest you should have a restday after a period of intense effort.
Thursday: More of the same. Spare bikes as people cry off due to the wind. Still talking about Tuesdays class.
Friday:  Bit of a mixed day. Weather is changing by the minute an I was planning a gentle ride with Val. As it was I ended up buying a Garmin Nuvi 250W more of which later.
I’ve received 2 letters from the DVLA one is for the Triumph which has SORN declared on it. The other I assumed was for the Scenic. Spent 2 hours ripping the house apart looking a non existent license renewal. DVLA had sent 2 renewals for the Triumph. Only sorted when I looked at the Renault tax disc and found out it runs out next month.

Janet sent out the results for the Spring 50. Phil and I have a time of 3 hours and 5 minutes. 5 mins less stuffing our faces with sandwiches and it would have been 3 hours. 
Only jesting it was about right, around 15 minutes, I will check. It was another nice spread and Bob said they wouldn’t let them have the food that was left over.
The sausage rolls hardly got touched. I wasn’t tempted by them as I’m wary of anything with a high fat content. Probably needlessly these days as I’m burning so much off.
Saturday: Paul and Jack came over and sorted out the laptop. Thought about going out on the Colnago until I saw the snow however 15 minutes later it was blue skys and sunshine. Watched Milan-San Remo on Eurosport instead. Borders for a magazine and a hot chocolate. Been thinking the Brimstage time trial. As I’m living on the course it would be a waste not to do them as training.
Sunday: Ride day. With snow forecast it was hard to know what to wear but the bitting wind yesterday meant adding another layer. Crane sports compression thermal top got put on and the Crane sports winter jacket got used again. Picked up a wheel just past Hadlow road on the way out to the Eureka. Eureka was quiet for a Sunday with lots of riders staying at home for one reason or another.
Had the usual breakfast and then it was time to look at Barries demo bike from the Bike Factory. It’s a 2008 Trek Madone in black and white. Mine is a 2006 Madone 5.2 in Discovery Channel colours.

I ended up going out with the fast group and it 20-22 mph down the Dee cyclepath. Part of the route retraced the previous weeks CTC 50 mile Tourist Trophy. The main group were doing a loop back to the Eureka as most wanted to catch the football. I turned off for the Ice Cream Farm and they must have been expecting big numbers as they had marshalls at the end of the road.
Because of all the weather scares they would have been better off at home. The cafe was not as packed as I would have though for a bank holiday weekend. The Seamons CC were out in force and the Wilkinson family turned up and there was a table near us talking about the tractor rally and that was about it.
It’s quite a sight to see a couple of hundred vintage tractors coming the opposite way.
The route back to the Eureka was the Steve Cummings training ride route via Mollington and Upton, crossing the A5117 at the crossing near the speed camera.

Bumped in to Cannondale Kev at the Eureka and then it was home via Puddington and Parkgate. Parkgate was quiet too with a strong headwind blowing down the Dee. Hit the stop button at the end of the road 67.5 miles.  A good end to the week.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 23 Mar 08”

  1. Hi Frank, I live in Higher Kinnerton (a village you know well) our paths have crossed according to Google Maps a few times whilst going in opposite directions.
    I now have been allowed to change offices from Liverpool to Bromboro and therefore may consider riding to work. However, I’ve seen that you’ve mentioned the “missing link” a number of times and wondered where it was?, I also wondered if you used the new bridge across the A5117?. I would be grateful if you would enlighten me.
    Many Thanks
    Graham PS – I hope to shift a lot of weight this year and find this site a great motivator.

  2. Thanks for the comment Graham. The new bridge across the A5117 still has no ramps up to it. The gap in the concrete remains but isn’t publicised.
    The “Missing Link” is a cyclepath through a farm, Route 56 from memory. It links BadgersRake Lane and Heath Lane. Mudguards are essential. It’ll keep you off the busy main roads, you probably want to take this and then go down Benty Heath Lane and take the first right to Eastham.

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