Weekending 30 Mar 08

Monday: Work, first day of the new shift pattern. On call to boot. No exercise other than walking between zones for a couple of miles.
Tuesday: Work. A 7 pm finish time means a gym session would mean not getting fed till around 9 pm. Give it a miss tonight.Booked a ticket for the World Championships at the Velodrome.
Wednesday: Ride day come what may. Looks like rain, but a bit of rain never hurt anyone. Got to the Eureka for 9:30 and I was the second in there, I was begining to think this was going to be a bad day. As it happens things turned out quite well. Richard was calling the shots and it proved to be a decent 67 mile ride. First off it was down Woodbank and across the A5117. Once in Upton it was down to the cyclepath and an easy trip through Chester. After a pleasant route to the Fruit Farm Cafe at the bottom of the Yeld it was a disapointment to find it closed. SummerTrees was not our original destination. It can be a bit expensive if your are on a budget.
Sandwich, Tea and a scone for £5.50. proved decent value.
The Tour of the Berwyns Audax finishes here and it is a quality destination.
Thursday:  It doesn’t get much better than this, watched us win 3 Gold medals at the track and set a new world record to boot. All for £10. more later, maybe some of the couple of hundred pictures I took. Major dissapointment with the camera, it just doesn’t want to work properly indoors. That or the fact that the riders are doing 60 km/hr.

Friday: Bad weather means no ride and a switch to DIY. Start redecorating the bathroom. No spinning as I want to watch the track World Championships.
Saturday: No ride today. Watched the track World Championships while trying to redecorate the bathroom. Starting to get a bit drawn out. Put a spoke in the Iceni and tried to true the wheel. Cleaned the cassette with Gunk and realised just how much I’m wearing things out during the winter.
Another great day at the track, now up to nine Golds. Got the route through for next weekends Audax the first 200 km of the year.
Sunday: Feed the ducks day and watch the track World Championships.
Managed to get a spinning class at West Kirby. Needed to do something as I haven’t done a thing since Wednesday. Felt good with heartrate spending 21 minutes in zone 4 but only 19 seconds in zone 5.
A fitting end to a great week, saw GB win three golds and a set a world record at the worlds and I was there.

5 thoughts on “Weekending 30 Mar 08”

  1. You won’t get into the Velodrome carpark you have to use the carpark further down the road. Then walk about 400 yards.
    I ordered tickets with Tickmaster and fair doos they were waiting for me at the box office.

  2. Great, I’ve actually been given 2 tickets from a guy at work (block D row B with a face value of £22.50), so hoping for a good view.

  3. Your bound to have a good time. I had problems with the Fuji finepix F40. It just dosn’t like the velodrome full stop. Even pre focussing had it taking blurred pictures. I’ve tried just about every setting and it still doesnt perform indoors. Every where else it’s fine.

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