Weekending 06 Apr 08

Monday: Work but found out I should have been riding the Poynton to Chirk Audax yesterday.
Spent the evening planning Sundays ride and here’s a snapshot of it.
Still using Marengo in preference to other route planners, mainly because it works every time and as I’m using version2 I can save and export routes for the rides.
So here is the link.  http://www.marengo-ltd.com/map2/index.php?route=3168
200 Kms in under 90 waypoints. The route sheet comes with extra directions for those without gps but its not going to be a problem as once programmed in you’ve an accuracy of 9ft.
Poynton/Chirk was a classic ride last year. The weather made it probably as tough as you want it be.
Tuesday: Work. No exercise, spinning or gym. Still catching upon lots of things and that eats up time in the evening.
Wednesday: Work again but  may fit in a spinning class or at least a gym session. The light nights mean a few Brimstage TT’s are not out of the question.
Had a session in the gym, managed to get a bike in the booked up spinning class and had another go in the gym, ran a kilometre @ 10 km/hr and then another 0.6 @ 11.1 km/hr to run the proverbial mile, shower and home.
Garmin 705,s starting to appear on Google searches might try to get one before the weekend, starts to get a bit complicated when you see them bundled with Garmin Maps.
Thursday: Not a ride day as yet but I am off, to be concluded.
Possibly as spinning class.
Painted the bathroom, ordered an Edge 705 for tommorow.
Also won a Discovery Channel shirt on Ebay, one of George Hincapies team issue shirts.
Spin and a 20 minute gym session was first class. Had a session on the side stepper while waiting to go on the other machines. Uploaded the data to Garmin.
Barbara’s music is off Floorfillers 08 with chestpresses done to Now Your Gone and the final sprint to Crank That by SoulJa Boy, good track for Time Trialing, crank in some resistance and bury yourself. Had the pulse max out at 180 BPM coming out of the saddle at the end.
Friday: Had thought about a Steve Cummings training ride but it may not come to pass as there is a lot on.
Managed a 20 mile loop to the  Eureka for breakfast and then home.
The Hincapie team issue shirt was there and I’m torn between wearing it or framing it.
It’s got a radio pocket sewn in the back pocket.
The Garmin Edge 705  arrived around 2 oclock and I’m off out to buy a memory card for the maps. You only get a quickstart refererence with it with the manual on CD-Rom so the learning curve remains just as steep for a first timer. It just got steeper as I can’t find Routes in it !!!!!.
What does it take for me to miss a spinning class, a Garmin Edge 705 I guess. Guess I need a day off, the muscles around the knee are hurting so last nights session was high intensity
Saturday: Try out the 705 and take it easy before Sunday.
Fitted it on the Trek and it looks a lot bigger on the stem. Also replaced the battery in the cadence sensor and synchronised it with the 705.
It turned out nice in the afternoon I’d played around with the 705 and decided to try out the 705 on the 7.1 Mile Brimstage Time Trial.
Altered Marengo with the new start point and found GPSBabel doesn’t like the 705 so tranfered the route in to Mapsource and exported it from there. The Garmin Edge 705 sees it as a Ride and not a Route. You still Navigate it as per the Edge 305.

Forgot to put the HRM strap on and it was quite windy in parts but at least I have a time. Through Thornton Hough I got baulked by a horse, there was no avoiding it as a bus and a string of cars were on the opposite side of the road. Cost me maybe 10 to 15 seconds. Saw Cannondale Kev going out to the Eureka as I was heading to Drayton Motors. Being on map mode meant I couldn’t see what speed I was doing and it didn’t seem that fast in places. Anyway I make at 20 minutes give or take a second for the 7miles. I know I can do better than this.

7mileTT.JPG Looking at the chart the horse took longer than the ten to fifteen seconds I thought it had. 28 mph on the top road was Ok but I’m having problems shifting into the big ring. The Machined chainrings just don’t want to let go of the chain
Sunday: Already weather warnings for the ride. Hopefully the weather will be OK  Trek Madone if it’s not wet. First 200 km ride of the year. Ray is 1 up on me thanks to my no show last week. Early season 75 entry came through the post today.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 06 Apr 08”

  1. Frank,
    Where did you decide to order the 705 from? I posted on my blog about availability improving, I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy one.


  2. Dave,
    I’ve ordered it from Handtec. A whopping £271.70 but it does include the cadence sensor for the Iceni. Should be here tommorow. I was planning on doing a ride tommorow but may stay in for the courier.

  3. Frank,

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of the 705.

    I’d just spotted it tonight on Wiggle for £323 including either the Europe City Navigator or GB Topo maps which seems quite a good price in comparison if you want the maps (but not as cheap if you don’t as they want £297 for the no maps version).

  4. Rick,
    it cries out for a map. Check out Ebay for maps, if I didn’t have them I’d certainly condsider the Wiggle deal. I was more concerned with stock availability than price but then I already knew about the map issue.
    Just updated the new 705 page.
    My inital fears have been allayed the next step is to try out GarminConnect.

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