Weekending 04 May 08

Monday: Can’t believe it’s nearly May. Back into the routine. Morning spinning class at West Kirby where I had a really good go.

Max was 181 which I haven’t seen for a while while the average was 159. Gym after the class to do some weights and 0.5 km run but started getting bored.
Evening spinning class but my max felt like the average in the morning.

Tuesday: Booked in for the morning spinning class and in the evening it is Northend club 7 mile TT. Got Barry 27 seconds behind me for the last one and Chicago 16 seconds in front of me.
Spinning class, steadyish. Back down to 84 Kg so it is working.
Changed to the carbon wheels for the time trial and checked the pressures in the tubs. Showers just before the off and the wind is not in anybodies favour.
Speaking to Alan at the start he reckoned I’d be on tri bars next. Andy reckons they make a big difference too.
First time in club kit too. The big ring problem reared it’s head on the line as when I backpedalled it shifted to the middle ring and I had to ease off to get it to shift. No excuses I was 30 seconds down on my first time. Dave Large was my minute man and it took a good 7 miles to catch him. I drew along side him in the final 200 metres or so but didn’t have it in me to cleanly pass him. I get pipped for the line but made a few mistakes on the ride. Not getting on the drops was one of them and daring to touch the brakes was another. Barry beats me by 20 seconds so has had a storming ride.
I’ve moved up to third in the club handicap competition but don’t ask me how it is worked out as I haven’t a clue. All I’m interested in is setting a good time.
Rugby club for a pint and a chat after the event then ride home. Max heart rate was 186 bpm so I was having a real good go.
Another one next Tuesday. Chicago has a pint ordering tale in the Thatch (Raby)that takes some beating. Rode back with Chicago ant parted at Thorton Hough.

Wednesday: Ride day. Rode out to the Eureka for breakfast. Three rides for the Northenders and I ended up going out with 7 others and ending up at the cafe/delicatessen at Holt. The route out was via the Dee cyclepath, Saltney footbridge, Higher Kinnerton. Cafe is well worth a stop if there aren’t too many of you.
Nice easy ride back to the Eureka with the wind behind us. The wind direction reversed during the course of the day and I was back into it on leaving the cafe for home.
At the Eureka I spoke to Keith Boardman ” Thats what I need ” pointing to an Orbea Orca time trial bike. Then he tells me about the Chris Boardman bike that’s in Pro Cycling this month. £2,800 with Zipp wheels. The frame alone is listed at £2,499.
If logic went out the window I’d have one, but as I’ve only two times on record I’m still playing at it. The other week I lost a minute to a guy with a £175 frame  so it is not about the bike.
Spinning class at West Kirby preceded with a short session in the gym.
Spinning class was half full due to lots cancelling. I couldn’t get a place at 3 o’clock.
Must have been the football. Margaret took the class and it was good, intervals and pyramiding on some of the routines followed by a good stretching routine to music.
15 minutes in the gym beforehand spent hopping on machines that wern’t being used as chairs. Shower, home. Tried to keep abreast of the football during the evening as I work with a mob that can talk for days about a match.
A good day.
Thursday: Work. Called in at Aldi to get some bibshorts. Picked up a pair of glasses with 3 lenses and case for £2.99. Trackmitts too. I’m a medium size now but the bibshorts are not for me as the elastic on the leg is too loose. Pity about the sizing as they have everything else going for them.  Voted, blogged and sat down to read the comic.
Friday:Work. Took the Aldi Bibshorts back for a refund, went to Tesco’s for ProCycling mag to no avail and that was the day done. Just got my start position for Tuesdays time trial, 3rd.
Saturday: Work. Sort out the shifting on the Trek on the turbo trainer from scratch this time. Discovered there has been an update to TrainingCentre so spent the evening installing that instead. Not without problems but sorted in the end.
Plotted the 7 Mile TT as a course in TrainingCentre and added CoursePoints at junctions and straights. There is not the same 100 point limit on CoursePoints and with a decent map in TrainingCentre you should be able to plot a Course and have the CoursePoints announce the turns.
Sunday: Work. Came home to sort the Toy out for Tuesday. A tweek here and there turned out to be a two hour to and fro between the granny and big ring. Sorted a few other niggles at the same time. The magnet clipping the cadence sensor was one of them. The rear mech fore aft ajustment was another, it may not be 100% but it’s a vast improvement.  I now know why I started off in the middle ring on Tuesday. Back pedalling half a turn in 52×25 throws you into 39×25 as the chain threads itself off the big ring. Hopefully sorted.
Not a bad week, should do more in the gym next week as the four days in work really mess things up.

8 thoughts on “Weekending 04 May 08”

  1. Something you (& others) may want to pencil in the diary for Thursday 1st May.

    Aldi have got cycling gear on their “specials” this week.

  2. Thanks Rick,
    I’ve verbaly mentioned it to a few but not posted anything on the site. I’m not in the market for my usual mountain of gear this time but a pair of bibshorts would be handy.
    It all depends on the pad. A decent pad makes or breaks a pair of shorts. Mitts for 2.99 how can you go wrong. Rode the Time Trial tonight in the Aldi Bibtights and they don’t look out of place.
    That and last years gloves.
    I think they have forced the likes of Altura and others to up the anti as plain coloured looks much the same wherever it comes from.
    I’m in work so won’t be beating the doors down.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Frank, although tri bars are beneficial, it can start to become a slippery slope into dependancy, when the legs dont respond and having faith in just a pair of tri bars dont make enough difference, it’s time to resort to the disk wheel, when a disk wheel isnt enough then it’s an aero helmet, and it goes on! when you start to think like that, as I am, things are looking grim! nothing beats a simple setup and good form, but cutting seconds make it extra good, even if it costs silly money. can technology overcome the (my) lack of training? i wonder? see you tuesday 😉

  4. Andy you should should be writing for the comic. I’ve just crested the slippery slope and guess it’s all down hill from now. Already looked at wheels, helmets and silly money bikes. It’s just dreaming at the moment but a mans got to have a dream.
    Living on the course I should be doing it in my sleep.
    See you Tuesday.

  5. Hi Frank. How do you get your Maximum Heart Rate figure as shown in your Training Centre shots?

    I’ve been reading your blog after getting an Edge 305 last year. Have only really started using it, for cycling and hand held whilst running. I was a bit wary of my high heart rate when running, based on a max heart rate of 176, calculated from one of those simple age-related formulas. I’m 44, about 14 stone and only exercise 2 or 3 times a week. Your efforts put me to shame! Keep it up.


  6. Mike, Ctrl and PrtSc then open Paint. Ctrl V to paste then save as to pictures. Open WordPress up and upload the Picture.
    Should have started this years ago, I’ve no intention of giving up.

  7. Frank
    Not quite what I meant, but useful all the same!

    What I meant was, how do you calculate your maximum Heart Rate? I’ve seen lots of formulas and all say they are only approximations. I used:

    Max HR = 208 – 0.7 * Age

    E.g. At 44, Max HR = 178 bpm

    But after reviewing the exercise data I don’t feel as if this is high enough as I’m mostly at 85-95% of Max HR. I’ve seen you have reached higher BPM than this in your spinning classes, so I wondered how you came by your Max HR figure.


  8. Sorry about that I missunderstood. I’ve had mine up to 194 in the spinning class but 186 on a bike is good going. I was told 220 minus your age. 172 in my case. Its only a guide. I let the TrainingCentre get the max and then work out the zones for me.

    I suppose the only true way is to do a ramp test and get picked up off the floor after it. Either way how many people out there know what their Max, is not many I guess. The vast majority of the population is never going to get anywhere near 85-95%, I certainly didn’t as I though I’d have a heart attack or some thing.
    Anything in the 180s is pushing it for me. I can be comfortable at 170 depending on the circumstance.

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