Astana at the Giro

I’m glad to see Astana invited to the Giro at the last minute. I followed Steve Cummings in his Giro ride last year.
Can they pull something off with next to no time for preparatrion I don’t know but they have a lot of good riders. Contador must be chomping at the bit to prove himself following his TDF victory and not getting invited back.
The loyalties are now split between BarlowWorld and Astana.  I’ve got a wardrobe full of Disco kit and it is really good stuff.
As I’m only playing at this I do like to have the full kit rather than just a jersey and shorts.

I’ve just seen the rider entry  list, Barloworld and Steve Cummings behind Astana.

Just read the the Andy Hampsten story in Pro Cycling and he was the first and up to now last American to win a Giro stage. Must have felt like I felt  on the Audax last month but  with a few thousand metres on me. Tough guy, I’m a wimp in comparison.


Just watched Giro leader Alberto Contador go up the 12 Km Mountain Time Trial in 34×30, I always knew I needed lower gearing when going up a 1 in 4 climb !!!


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