Weekending 21 Sep 08

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work. Tackx I magic Turbo Trainer arrived as did a fridge freezer.
Wednesday: Work.
Thursday: Aldi Cycling offers first thing. Spinning class at West Kirby. Tough class then the gym. Try and sort out the turbo trainer sofware. Getting in a real mess with the frame, it doesn’t seem to take a 700×23 wheel. Went to Deeside to get a turbo trainer tyre. Software is working fine and I have a go with a wedge under the lever  to hold it against the wheel. It soon had me working up a sweat on the demo.
Ordered a HD DVD for it and then went for the evening spinning class at West Kirby. Full class with a couple of first timers. Tough class with most of it zone 4 and a few peaks in zone 5. Met one of the blog readers at the end of it.
Coupled the PC to the 40″ Sony LCD Tv and started the Fortius Real Life Video. Looks good. The plan is to do some indoor training when I get in from work, the nights are closing in and the weather hasn’t gone my way this year.

Picked up an injury to my left leg as some moves are sore. I don’t think it is cycling related as cycling is fine. Felt it in the gym a few times. Remembered Rons words about not doing anything as the rest of me is fine.
Friday: Work, pay for the toys. Maybe Margarets friday class. Clean the Toy for ride.
Turned up to Barbara’s class and just about got a bike at the other end of the class that I normally ride. Another tough class. Started reading some of the Tacx training articles. Now I’ve got some wattage readings it’s another variable to play with.
Saturday: Ride day. Northend Mel and Jack Memorial ride, probably the eighty mile one.

Eureka Start, originally uploaded by Frank Kinlan

Attended both the funerals and rode in both processions.
Great day. Fell off the back but did the full ride. Cafe stop at Ruthin wasn’t to be but had one further in to Town.
The Old Blych by you.

Took the Old Bylch route and boy was this steep, after the first step bit (20%) there was a drink stop. Spent an hour here
Sunday: Jack day so no ride, Church farm, the only pedalling I got was on a pedal car with a two year old on my  lap. Surprisingly hard work. Ended up pushing him around for three laps.  West Kirby for Morrisons, buy a kite and half way round the lake with it.
No ride but a good day. Had planned to ride a Pyrenees stage on the Tacx but the blog is playing up.
Can’t upload any pictures as the box doesn’t appear in WordPress anymore.
Got one of Chris at the Eureka on his first Northend Ride.
Old Bylch looked good, well the bit after the 20% hairpin looks stunning but you can’t stop as it is really tough. A bit further on there is a feed station which is manned by Dave.
Dave’s heard of me through the weightloss but spots the 705. Well I’m here for about an hour with Peter talking about various things. After Loggerheads Peter takes the more direct route through Mold. I stick to the  Route  and by the look of things finished last. Eureka closing and Clive asking if I had done another loop.

Refilled the bottle with the SIS we had been offered at the Old Bylch. There was a bit of a cock up here as they were under a negative pressure and not much was coming out  untill we released the vacuum  and then it was everywhere. A steady ride home , it must have been steady as I was passed by two guys at Thornton Hough.

Been a good weekend, Saturday was a great ride, sunday was good too. Didn’t get to ride that pyraneenan climb but watched Charlie Boorman  as I write this. Still regard him as a prat.
Won a Discovery Channel shirt on Ebay and thats it for another week.

6 thoughts on “Weekending 21 Sep 08”

  1. Hi Frank,
    I have been reading your blog for a while because I find it interesting.
    I notice on your last entry you mentioned the Mel and Jack Memorial ride is taking place this Saturday 20th. Although Im not a member of the Northend cycling club I would like to take part, do you have any further details you could let me have?



  2. Hi Chris, you don’t need to be a member. Starts at the Eureka around 9. There are 50 and 80 mile routes. Cafe stop is Ruthin I think as I don’t know the route. There are forms in the Eureka but thats a bit late now. The route is marked in yellow paint at junctions.
    I don’t know where I am going but it will be a challenge.
    Think it’s just a donation to do the ride.
    Rode most of it last year and it was great. What I class as a two bottle ride ie two bottles of energy drink.

    Can’t miss me I’ll be in the Discovery Channel kit.

  3. Hi Frank,

    It was good to meet you today after reading about your escapades for so long. Thanks also for the info about the ride.

    I enjoyed the route as I had not ridden that area before; I particularly enjoyed the climb out of Ruthin!

    The North End lads seem to be a good bunch and made me feel very welcome as a first timer and i’m definitely going to go out for more rides with them.

  4. Hi Chris, it was a great day out. I’ve a picture of the Old Bylch just before the cattle grid. If you can tackle the Bylch you can get up anything. One of the Northenders fell of the back with stomach cramps the climb out of Denbigh seeing him off.
    I’m just slow. Riding on the back means your the first to drop off when something comes up.
    I’m trying to get out one day in a weekend so am bound to catch you sometime.
    Saturday rides start at 9.30 not 10 and tend to be training loops back to the Eureka.

  5. Hi Frank

    Stumbled upon your blog a while back! Use to be in the BNE myself years back as did my Dad and my uncles …ask Clive W. !

    I do more running nowadays though still have the urge now and then to get back on two wheels and have another base at 10’s and 25’s

    Not sure what’s up with your wordpress install but it appears you’re on a really, really old version. Version 2.6.2 is the current live version.



  6. Hi John,
    I’ll mention you to Clive.
    The site needs a bit of an overhaul, the picture addition part of posting has disappeared but it is still there in the page section.
    The Northend site is due for an upgrade but it is all about fresh content, sites don’t run themselves and I put about an hour a day into this one.

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