Weekending 28 Sep 08

Monday:Work.  Home to have a session on the Tacx I-Magic turbo trainer.
First time on the Real Life Video run and I chose the short 12 mile climb. To say things didn’t quite go to plan is an understatement.
Bear in mind the Sportsmans that I did on Saturday is quite a climb. Well this one in the living room had me sweating buckets within a couple of hundred yards. The screen said up to 10% gradient at times and it did feel reasonably close.
There is the rub, in the UK you just don’t get climbs that are as long as this, steeper , but not as long.

Managed to eventually get it up on the LCD TV and did 5 miles in 35 minutes. It was a 12 mile climb and I was averaging around 200 watts , max was 437. Really impressed by the video, you have cars passing you and you overtake other cyclists. You are constantly working and it does allow you to play with your pedal stroke by pulling up on the upstroke while seated.

How does it relate to a ride, well it is hard work straight from the off, you need a fan to cool you down. I’m looking at an hour of climbing at least just to do one ride. Sweat is pouring off me and I now see why they have the sweat cloths over the bikes in the adverts. They are needed. Compared to a spinning class there is no comparison.
You set your own level and it is only going to be the length of the CD track before you change styles.

Here the route sets the resistance for you, it varies but long parts of it are between 8 and 10%. Flat parts are 3 % but like the climb there is no rest. No HRM on me tonight but boy is this tough.

It has opened up a whole new dimension of training rather than pratting around like I have been doing this year.

Tuesday:Work. Starting to look at the Real life Video for the Tacx.
Wednesday: Work. On call, try keep on top of things.
Thursday:  Work. Last day. Spinning class at West Kirby, a few bikes left on the front. Another first timer going out with a sore backside.
Friday:  Maybe a ride, or try and complete a Tacx RLV climb. First thing was fix the Scenic starter motor. Removed the one I replaced in Febuary only to find Europarts in Moreton has gone into liquidation. Off to Senars for a replacement after calling into to Renault.
Sorted for 2 pm, then watch the under 23World Champs on EuroSport.

Was going to try the Tacx but looked at the NEW rear tyre I fitted last week and a 5 mile climb on the Tacx has ripped shreads off it. Rolls of rubber every two inches.
Finally got the assembly of the unit right.


Stunning demo, I’m just waiting ror the release.

Fire an email off to Tacx about assembling the thing then sorted it for myself. DOH !!
With it all sorted I’d thought I’d try the Col de Peyresourde an 8 mile uphill time trial.
It was the same route I first tried but this time I had to finish it. 8 miles doesn’t sound a lot but this was all uphill and it was tough. I ended up doing it in 54 minutes 55 seconds, averaged 228 watts burnt 714 kcals. Sweated like never before, had the heartrate up to 184 BPM with an average of 151. The heartrate chest strap was an Aldi Crane Sports analogue one from my first HRM.

This was one hard hour, the average heartrate of 151 says it all. It is taking a lot longer than I thought it would and is harder than I thought it would be. An 8 mile hill is unknown in the UK. There is more to come with some HD dvd coming out from Tacx I’m going to be spoilt for choice. This is all leading leading up to next year. Armstrong doing the Tour is one of those must see moments. First time  I’ve had to change kit for for a spinning class.
Still had a good go in Barbara’s spinning class but it’s not in the same league. Shower and home. Turned out to be a good day, car sorted, rode a climb (in the front room) and did a spinning class.
Saturday: Ride day. Well it was until I got told it was mum and dads golden wedding anniversary. Ended up going to Chester had planned to visit The Edge but found it closed, thought it had gone bust but they have moved. Called in at the Bike Factory and the Specialised outlet where they have the 705 HRM & Cad with NT SD card bundle for about £359.
Missed out on the Audaxes in Shropshire and just had an email from Janet about the CTC Presidents ride which I’m also going to miss out. Chester Races were on and it couldn’t have been a better day for it. Back just in time to see Nicole Cooke win the Womens World Championships.
Sunday:Jack day, feed the ducks. Get Paul to upgrade WordPress.
Paul upgraded the site to WordPress 2.6.2 without loosing 2 years of my life. Next up is a new Theme, something similar to this but with widgets. A few problems uploading pictures but it may not be WordPress.  Ducks, the swan and just about every thing else got fed at Crosby. Home for the World Champs. An Italian 1 2 so off to West Kirby for a spinning class.
Just got a bike and I mean just, stuck on the back row in the corner were all the newbies try to hide.
Charlie gets a reprieve this week.

Ride wise a poor week.  A ride is what it is all about, your can do spinning classes and turbo sessions until the cows come  home but it isn’t the same as a ride.

One thought on “Weekending 28 Sep 08”

  1. There might not be an 8 mile climb in the UK but the Cat and Fiddle pushes it close at just over 7 miles! Overall not the hardest of climbs but has it’s moments where the gradient really cranks up a notch…

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