Weekending 05 Oct 08

Monday: 30 mile ride around Wirral, 3 punctures. Spinning class at West Kirby.
Tuesday: Work. lashing down, blog. Had a look at CourseMapper.
Wednesday: Work. Lifestyle and weight management course followup. Five turned up. Went to Europa Pools. Ran 1km at 10 km/hr, row for 1500 mtrs and some weight machines. Still trying CourseMapper out.
Thursday: Work. Pick up the comic on the way home. Change of plans. MIlls Hills entered online. Have two days to plan the Course for the Edge. Can’t  really do much tonight. AAA points mean a hilly ride, with 2430 mtrs of climbing.
Friday: Work. Long days mean the cycling or exercise part that I managed  to fit in is next to nothing on a work day. lost my route for Sunday so it is all down to Saturday and that is a full day too.
Saturday: Looks like a sort the bike out day. Fix punctures and maybe go to the Cycle sale at Northgate arena.  A decent waterproof jacket is on the list. The route for tomorrow  includes  the Old Shoe  which is a serious climb. Toy weather forecast( no mudguards), I hope it holds true.
Went to the Edge and the Bike Factory for a jacket and then on to the Northgate Area where I bought an Altura night vision jacket. I tried loads on and most were too short in the sleeve. These are well known makes so they should be getting it right by now.

Called in at Eureka Cycle Sports and ended up buying a Montane jacket. Walked in and Keith immediately said he been on the site for a week reading all the Garmin posts. Every search he did ended up here and he ended up spending an evening reading all the posts. Another Edge user not very impressed with Garmins none existant support for the device.
Sunday: Chester Zoo. Should have been riding Mills Hills Audax. Chester Zoo cancelled, Mills Hills it is with an online entry.
Wet ride by the looks of things. Somebodys BMW submerged at Brimstage. Arrived with minutes to spare.
Remarkable day, finished with minutes to spare.
Ride write up to follow.

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