Weekending 12 Oct 08

Monday:Felt OK despite it being a bit of a grueling ride yesterday. Busy morning spinning class then the gym. Lost nigh on 2kg on the ride yesterday. Evening spinning class as well. Start writing the new 705 page and yesterdays ride.
Tuesday: Spin and the gym, haircut, dentist. Order 3 new double glazed windows for what I regard as silly money. Watch the economy collapse.  Update blog. Get ride pictures off camera.
Wednesday:Sun is out so it is ride day possibly one of the last rides in shorts. A late breakfast at the Eureka had me trying to catch a group. I’m now known as Garmin Frank after Anne bought Keith one for his birthday and he spent a week going through the site getting to grips with it.
Good ride to Acton Bridge for 7 of us.  
Spinning at West Kirby.  Got the last bike in the class only to find 9 empty ones.
A Festina retro shirt  arrived in the post. Looks good.
Thursday: Spinning class at West Kirby. First try out for a new Slipstream top and matching socks. Gym and weights for 30 mins. Picked up the Comic on the way home from Tesco gave the soft fruit a miss as it now £3 a punnet. Iceni front wheel to Wheelbase for a new rim.
Booked another spinning class at Europa Pools as I needed a change. One of the girls has a new bike a Scott CR1 Contessa. It has an integrated seatpost which means you only have one chance.
Four first timers tonight get the shock of their lives, two possibly tree won’t  be coming back. They were off the bikes  at 20 minutes. Run Fatboy Run is on Sky at the moment there is a section in it that sums up what a spinning class is all about for a first timer.
They wern’t used to getting out the saddle for one, that’s the problem with sitting in the gym on a recliner with a low resistance watching TV. Your just turning the legs over and not doing anything.
Saw the same thing at West Kirby in the morning.
It’s a pity really as the benefits are great for this sort of workout.
Louise does go through everything with them and tells them to take it easy  but it is still a shock. One of the girls wants a sculptured thigh muscle, well it isn’t going to happen with zero resistance in.
Hard class in that I sweated a bucket load.
Northend monthly meeting. Much talk about the club website. It needs an update but content is king.
A bit like this site.
Home to Ice road Truckers.
Friday: Recovery day, sort out a years worth of cycling magazines. They were about 3ft high. New tyre for the Scenic. Managed to get some pictures back on the site. Repaired two tubes for the saddle bag. Binned one tube as I was running  out of patches.
Spinning class at West Kirby and one of the women asked me if I was there last night, there had been a right set too, missed a cat fight in West Kirby, had to settle for Louise chasing off a bag head at Europa Pools. The class was overbooked and the usual suspects didn’t book in so their bikes get sold. Saw it happen again tonight.
Wore the Slipstream kit tonight and had planned to have fish and chips. One problem, forgot to pack my pants in the gym bag. Only found out after the shower so had to put it back on. Took one look at the queue in the chipshop and headed home to change. There was no way on God’s earth that I was going in there in Slipstream kit.
Saturday: Wanted a ride but maybe best to take a day out and get sorted for winter, Iceni needs it wheel picking up and the brake blocks swapping. Didn’t quite go to plan. Locking screws are solid.
Sunday: Jack day. Halfords for some brakeblocks. West Kirby busy so I called in at the Wirral way only to find no parking spaces in the main or overflow carpark. Home to watch Paris-Tours.
Spinning class at West Kirby, managed to get a bike even though I hadn’t booked on.
Read the Bradley Wiggins article by Paul Kimmage in the Times. Might just have to buy the book and I don’t buy books as a rule except off Ebay. Nice weather saw all the rag tops out on the road, could have done a small ride today  but I’m looking a couple of months down the line now when the weather is bad and you wouldn’t normally want to go out.
Time to start planning for next year.

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