Weekending 19 Oct 08

Monday: Waited in all day for the windows to turn up, did some plastering. Windows came at 5 but no glass. Got a place in the 6 o’clock spinning class thinking it was a 6.15 start so missed 5 minutes of it.
The lack of glass could mean me missing my class tommorow morning.
Just had a go at the TescoDiets.com BMI calculator which puts me in the overweight catagory with a BMI of 26 and also comes up with a healthy range of 65kg to 81kg. With a calorie input of only 1800 cals a day.
65kg seems unreasonable as I would be less than half my max weight.
I was 82 kg last year and had top form, to get down to say 80 kg would mean a change of plan with a lot more exercise built into the plan. 65 kg is just out of the question there would be bugger all of me.
I can live with a BMI of 26 there are a lot out there that are in a lot worse shape than I am. It also had me on 1800 calories a day which is 700 less than what I’m on now.
Back to Work on Thursday, hope to get in a Northend Ride on Wednesday.
Tuesday:  No glass delivery today. Now scheduled for Wednesday so no ride tommorow by the looks of things. Spin and gym at West Kirby. CTC section AGM at Willaston tonight. Had word back that the Mills Hills Audax is 3050 Metres of climbing. It looks like I threw in an extra loop around Derwen.
Two Mills section going as a sub group of Chester and NorthWales Da.
I’ve rode the events this year but little else.
Wednesday: Another wasted day waiting in for the glass, turned out the order hadn’t been processed. Now due on Monday.  Read Cycling plus with a patchy GPS shootout. Much the same findings as here, phones OK but poor battery life. Doesn’t go into enough detail IMHO.  Read the reviews of next years bikes.
Europa Pools for the Gym first then a spinning class. West Kirby full but last week there were 9 empty bikes. I need a change of music too.
The phantom tacker has made the Wirral Globe so there must have been a lot more victims than me, Dave and the chap in the article.
Back to tonights spinning class, the bikes were not set up and we are not allowed to set them up.
Sheila gave a good class with plenty of attention to posture, also splitting the class in half to have one half out the saddle with the other half seated for sets of eight, four, two and singles in no particular order.
The blog gets a mention so I’m under threat if don’t give it a good write up. Dasah was back spinning five months after giving birth to a baby girl.  2km on the Concept 2 rower beforehand. Gave the link out to the girl on the next bike seeing as Sheila kept on about the blog.
Just what I needed, a change of pace. Shower and home.
Thursday: First day back at work. Been off for 12, felt like I was retired. Nowt has changed, stuck with signing and dating empty boxes by the score. No kitchen means another takeaway. Iceroad truckers for TV and catch up on the comic. Updated Blog. Tour route for 2009 is leaking out and with a Monaco start, a finish in Barcellona and a Ventoux finish. Armstrong sounding doubtfull of a start for the Tour is ominous.

Interesting piece in the comic by Dave Lloyd riding the Spud Riley Memorial Ride. Written in the CW style of always being in the break it panders to the CW regulars. You get to see Dave if you ride  Cheshire or North Wales. A set of aero wheels and riding on his own are his style. Not to everyones taste but who can dispute his record. It fills column inches and links in to those at the top of the tree.
For the likes of me where riding the Mills Hills Audax was up there in the top 3 rides of the year it doesn’t compare. About 12 of us rode the event, I was out there for 10 hours 20 minutes. There is no break in a field of a dozen. I had a really good day with just me against North Wales and Snowdonia’s finest.
I like to read about it but the reality is I’m the guy who has a puncture and is struggling to make the time limit. I had a really good day and still rate an Audax over a Sportive. Costs less, you get a cafe stop or two and get a brevet card at the end of it. I’d hate to see this ride fold through lack of support. The problem being it is up against the Cat and Fiddle Challenge on the same day which with sportive tag attracts hundreds.  
Friday: Work. Woke up to the computer having updated itself and AntAgent working again as the Forerunner 50 paired with the computer for the first time in a week. I spend about an hour a night  getting to grips with reader comments. Some sections are really busy like the 705 page. Others get a constant stream of hits like “Aldi cycling gloves”. This is an old post for me but it still there in the top ten. Spending an inordanant amout of time trying to get grips Garmin .CRS files as they are not 705 friendly.
Saturday: Work. On call. Blog.
Sunday: Work. Sorted Garmin Course conversions out for the 705 section. Added the above Audax cartoon.
Going to add another page to Cycling Section  in due course.
Ride wise a dire week, should have been out Wednesday but wasted a day waiting for glass that wasn’t ordered never mind made. It should turn up tomorrow morning and I’ve got that appointment for my blood pressure.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 19 Oct 08”

  1. Hi Frank,
    Just checking back with you. The 3050 metres of climbing for the Mills Hills audax is the official figure determined by Steve Snook, of Audax UK, from your Garmin data, *after* correcting for your detour around Melin-y-wig. You did even more climbing again. Seems I’ve been under-counting contours on the OS maps, so we’re having a review of my routes for 2009. They haven’t got any hillier, we’re just reporting them accurately.

    If I can hijack your site to give myself a little plug, I’m running 4 rides next year:
    Horseshoe Grimpeur, Llangollen – 26 April
    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Trevor, Wrexham – 7 June
    Three Lakes, Corwen – 9 August
    Mills Hills, Chirk – 20 September

    More details at http://www.audax.norvil.net . Hope to see you there.

  2. Thanks Stan, I’ll put up something more permanent about the CTC and Audax UK like a link or a page with a few links.

    There was a cartoon in the Times Ingear section that you’ll like I’ll post it up with a link.

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