Weekending 02 Nov 08

Monday: Work: I’ve had better days, another entry in the black book. Once your in the black book that’s it, your going to find it very hard to get out of it. 
That aside I spent an hour in traffic getting to Europa Pools, spent 30 mins in the Gym trying to get on machines in peak time.  9  in Louise’s Spinning class tonight, a couple that I do recognise and and a couple that are new to me.  Profile of the class looks good. Upped the speed work a bit but still can’t match Louises level.  Put this girl on a bike and she would fly.
Watched Ironman, better than I expected.
Tuesday: Morning spin at West Kirby planed with a gym session after. Wish I hadn’t signed up to Tesco Diets dot com or more specifically not given them my email address. They keep bombarding me with I should be 63  to 81kg rubbish and a BMI of 23. Dream on. BMI 26. I have stopped the mail for what it is worth by the way. Got the time of the class wrong and forgot the hand towel in the rush. Missed breakfast and had to have some fairtrade orange out the machine after the class. Gym afterwards. Weather grim. Lost a kilo. Washed two kits as I’ve got on tonights class too. A couple do the two back to back morning spinning classes which would take some doing.
Shouldn’t have missed breakfast this morning as I felt rotten in the afternoon.  Evening class had a couple more blokes in it, but doing two classes does take it out of you and you can’t do your best on the second.
Roads are gritted for the overnight frost so it doesn’t look to promising for tomorrow. Time to get the Tacx turbo out and do the Pyrenees.
Wednesday: Ride day, sort out the winter kit first.  Found one glove of three pairs  so it’s going to be that sort of day. Same with overshoes. I’ve a cupboard stuffed with the stuff. This sets me back a bit and a check with the weather forecast means it’s a dress warm day. This mean Crane Sport Winter Bib trouser from last year, Discovery Channel Winter Jersey and this years Crane Bike winter cycling jacket. This was it’s first outing and it proved to be very good, the chest pocket for a wallet proving a big improvement. Longer fitted sleeves with a zip mean they proved a good match with the pair of Crane Sports Cycling gloves. 
When I eventually got on the road I was cruising down the top road with the Edge bleeping away as I was still on a course from the other day.
You can imagine my surprise when Olympian, Barloworld Pro Cycling Team Rider Steve Cummings goes past along with Gavin. Opportunities like this don’t grow on trees so I grabbed a wheel. 
Should have took a picture of this. Eureka was packed with the 10 o’clock rides just about to go out.
A mix up with my order for breakfast meant I missed all the rides and there were 4 Northend groups going out today.
Looks like a group of big hitters were going out with Steve.

Breakfast in me it was time to get out on a solo ride. Opted to go to the Ice Cream Farm, went down Rake Lane for the first time to join more familiar routes later on.  Passed the Crocky Trail which was busy as it half term which was surprising at it was a bitter day. This was also the case at the Ice Cream farm but with toddlers.
There were a few cyclists but it was mothers, kids and grandparents mainly. The little lad on the table next to me blurts out ” Grandad are you going to take your teeth out in the car”  a couple of times. Well there is no answer to that and it did raise a few smiles. 
Just as I’m about to leave  Carol and Mary and the Northend arrive with two first timers with them.
One of them has a Trek 1.2 that I looked at last week. Made my own way back after the stop via Chester, the cyclepath and the new A5117 bridge. This gave good views of a snow capped Moel Vamau. This bridge is a godsend to cyclists using the Eureka as you don’t have to cross the dual carriage way anymore.

Back at the Eureka I have a chat with Keith Boardman who asks for one of the cards with the site address on it. It was Route56 on the way home via Willaston.

What I haven’t mentioned was how the clothing performed all day and it was a bitter day. Winter bibtights were good but I don’t get on with the chamois. Crane Bike jacket gets good marks, the jacket front is windproof, the arms are not totally windproof and you may notice it at times. That’s when you need a windshell. BBB neoprene overshoes performed well and the Crane Sports cloves were good up to a point.
With hail on the fields from the previous night there were times when the hands were cold, if things go any lower I’ll put another layer on and take a set of warmer cloves out.

53 miles.

LifeStyle and Weight Management Course followup class. 5 off us turned up  to Ron’s class, I’m still learning things every month from these classes and tonight it was about crunches and what a waste of time situps are.

Picked up a puncture on the ride, not the phantom tacker but hedge cutting by the Thatch (Raby).
Still a struggle getting the Conti tyres off.

Thursday: Last nights Thai takeaway had me back where I started the week. 10 mins in the Gym morning spinning class, weights and ran a mile 10.5 km/hr to start but backed off to 10 km/hr after 1km.
Bought the comic on the way home and some cycling mags in the afternoon after I had repaired yesterdays puncture. Evening class, upload the data to Training Centre and out for a Northend club night. Sould be able to set up the Tacx in the office now it is clear of all the kitchen stuff. Gritters out again.
Friday: Changed the oil on the Polo which isn’t a five minute job as there is an engine cover to drop and clearance is restricted. Should have had this as a rest day as the Friday spinning class was well down. The bike has a resistance setting like a light switch.

Tested coursepoints at night for the 705 on the way home. Cheated by doing it in the car. BP OK.
Watched the UCI track champs on BBC2 digital. Some empty seats, and it was sold out months ago.
Saturday: Took the day off. Had a play on the Xbox and went to Maplin to buy one of the Camelion Cell Phone Powersticks for £3. Works well and even comes with a bag that you could tie to the handlebars.
Track champs on Beeb 2.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 02 Nov 08”

  1. Frank, totally agree that BMI measurements are mostly bollocks. I’m interested to learn why you’re still into the spinning, has the i-magic not lived up to your expectations, or is it the social aspect of spinning that draws you?

  2. Dave, I think it’s a useful measure but sending me spam saying they’ll get me down to a BMI of 23 for £3 a week for an online plan was a bit too much. It’s proving easyer to do a spinning class than set it all up in the living room, plug it in to the TV and then do a full climb.
    With the weather turning I’m looking at setting it up in the office and taking the Toy off the road for the winter. I’m still looking at going to the Tour next year but that 8 mile climb opened my eyes as to what level I have to be at. I’ll be looking to try some of the easier routes.

  3. Surprised you’re dropping your own oil Frank, garage I visit charges £25 for oil & filter, weigh that against going the shop for stuff £15 at least, then to the tip to dump waste oil, on top of the work itself. Fair price for a messy job I think.
    Regards Graham

  4. Graham, the Polo is diesel and the oil is £23 from Costco. I was quoted £75 just for an oilchange from VW and they managed to muck up three services I had with them. Why pay £180 for a service that is little more than an oil change.
    I’m a great believer in synthetic oils, I’ve lived through the decokes at 60,000 miles along with the potential rebore. ~
    Same with brakes, I’d rather trust my own judjment and do a proper job than have some mechanic take a shortcut trying to make his bonus.

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