Weekending 16 Nov 08

Monday: Morning spinning class at West Kirby. I had a good go at this one with the average heartrate at 150 bpm with a max of 180 BPM which is just short of my max of 184. Buried myself in the final sprint.
Had a Lucozade sport afterwards to replace some salt.
Gym for some weights and a row onthe Concept 2 rowing machine. 2 km in 9:01.6 so didn’t break the 9 minute barrier.
Blockbusters for the new Indiana Jones DVD which was £2.50 with a free bag of popcorn. Can’t figure Blockbusters out at times. Current rental is £3.95 for 1 night. Tesco are now selling DVD’s for £3 that I paid more to rent.
Tuesday: Work. Got caught out by the Jerrico Lane sewer collapse. On call. Garmin 705 Ver2.50 update using webupdater, thanks for the comment Joe.
Also TCX converter has a new version that looks good. If you have a 705 you want to try out this software.
Tacx was going to get set up but it didn’t happen.
Wednesday: Work. On call, blog updating.
Thursday: Work. Northend monthly meeting. A chance to test the lights out.  Car had crashed on the way to work. Power cut took out all the systems at work out. Picked up the comic on the way home and had a look before I went out.
Cateye El830 for the ride to the meeting but the 610 on the back played up with a poor battery connection. Spent 5 minutes trying to split the thing in two before I sussed out the sliding battery comparment.
The El830 bracket is not the best in the world on a normal stem.  Decent spread of light, could do with doing a light comparison.
Daves still having trouble doing a Course on his 305 using BikeRouteToaster so I’ll dig out the 305 and see if there are any pitfalls.
Friday: Funnily enough Work. Bailed out  at 4:30 using up time owed. Spinning class at West Kirby, notable for how hard I had to go to get the heartrate up. literally two zones down, started off slow and that sort of set things up for the rest of the class. 
Saturday: Ride day. Rode to the Eureka, missed all the rides so had breakfast. Joined by Carolyn and Dave and talked about Tacx,s and Garmins among other things. The phantom tacker came up too. I was going to do a short ride and see some of the cycle shops. As it turned out I had a puncture when I came out I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned them inside. No tacks but a piece of glass hadpierced the carcass. Found I hadn’t brought any tubes so patched it. Borrowed the shop track pump to stick 100 PSI into it.
Then it was off to Eureka CycleSports to look at some winter bibtights. The Aldi ones are OK but the fit is a bit baggy. Went through what was instock and ended up trying a pair of BioRacer ones. They were that good I didn’t take them off. Not cheap. Then of to Deeside for a shirt. Home via the missing Link, turned out to be 43 kms which wasn’t bad.
Sunday: Feed the ducks day. Tide was in at Antony Gormleys Another Place with a lot of the figures submerged.
Garmin AntAgent missing so no Forerunner downloads for the last few days. Also had a problem with a map for a 705 comment reply.
Xbox for an hour then off to West Kirby for a Spinning class. No Barbara tonight as Alex a Pilates Instructor is taking the class.
Totally different structure to the class, a lot more about core muscles and posture. More stretching than we normally do. It just emphasises the motto about a need to vary ones routine.
Decent end to the week, blood pressure reading tommorow. Won a Tour de France London 2007 jacket on ebay.

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