Weekending 11 Jan 09

Monday: Last day off should have been a session in the gym and a spinning class. As it was it was another car trouble day. Cooling fan running on a freezing cold morning was not a good sign, thats with the car being left overnight. A trip to an Auto Electrician and 4 hours wandering around Moreton had the car back with me with no fault found.
Took the heating console out and checked the fan speed switch which was OK so now it looks like the motor has a faulty winding.  That was most of the day taken care of.

Managed to get a cancelled place on the spinning class at West Kirby, 5 free bikes for a fully booked class meant some new years resolutions already getting broken. Two first timers too. Looking at the car park the place must have been heaving with every one hitting the gym for the first time.

Back to the class, gave this one a really good go.  Burnt off 725 Calories in the class and another 50 doing the stretching for a total of 775.  Max heartrate was 190 bpm which is a level I haven’t seen for a while in fact I’ve only bettered it once and that was in the same class. Average was 151bpm for 45 minutes.
Shower and home.
Thursday: Work, stayed late as the sh1t hit the fan. Late for the Northend monthly meeting but paid this years subs.
Tuesday: Work, up at 5:15 to make sure the car starts. Back on the plan, only fruit for snacks and not too much of it. Crucially no more liquid calories in the evening.
I’ve logging my weight and body composition for over 2 years and around Christmas the body/fat percentages tipped the wrong way. I’d just assumed that number went in that column when it tips the other way it’s a shock. Going back a year or so I was 50% water, the last month it has struggled to reach 48%.

It’s probably worth putting the data in a spread sheet. I’ve even got the weight and reps of the weight machines from 07 so it would be worth seeing how I compare.
Depending how work goes it may be a gym session on the way home.
Wednesday: Work. Went to the Oval after work and it was surprisingly quiet.  30 minutes on the treadmill cross country program was 450 cals after the 5 minute cooldown. Chap next to me spent abot 15 minutes on level 1 which is pointless and the machine acts as a pendulum rather than a resistance machine. Treadmill for 1 km @ 10, 11 and the final half Km at 12 km/hr. Shower and home.
Thursday:  Work, stopped an hour as the sh1t hit the fan. Late for the Northend club meeting  but  managed to pay my subs. Home for dinner and the Dakar. Sub 90 kg. A long day.
Friday: Work, last day. Weather looking very cool for the weekend. Looking to get out Saturday. Picked up the comic on the way home.
New version of software for the 705 so just upgrading now. Ver 2.60 thanks to a reader. 
Congratulations to Barry for yet another letter in the comic, his third but no pump for star letter this time.
Saturday: The ride to the Eureka didn’t happen as I had a call from my dad about his compute so rode around there instead. Spent a frustrating few hours with Vista and Macafee while doing updates via a dialup connection. Returned via Hillfield drive and Quarry Road, thought Hillfield might be a good hill to do intervals on. Thermals better than nothing but it’s still chilly.
Went to watch the fireworks on the Mersey to end the Liverpool Capital of Culture year. It was bloody freezing but when the fireworks started it was worth it.
There was a good rendition of the Farm’s All Together Now drifting across the Mersey with it finished off with a blast of foghorns from the ships.
Sunday: No ride out to the Eureka as it was time to box the christmas tree up and fit the new longer stem I picked up yesterday. 130 mm is a big jump from 110 and it feels that this is as far as I want to go as the bar is virtually over the front wheel spindle. A Jack day so it was time to set up the train set for the day.
Aldi oranges at 49p are a quarter of the price of the Tesco ones I bought 2 days ago. They taste just as good too.
Got a place on the spinning class at West Kirby. One first timer signing the death warrant.
599 Calories meant it was about two Mars bars worth. It doesn’t seem a lot given that there are 9,000 calories in a kilo of fat but it’s better than nothing.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 11 Jan 09”

  1. Happy new year Frank hope all is well with you as it appears.

    When you commeny”Rons funeral” please confirm this is not Ron from our classes a couple of years age. Keep up the good work see you soon I hope

    ATB andy

  2. Hi Andy,
    it’s not the Ron from the classes but my uncle.
    Next class is on the 14 Jan, I’d have to take an hour of work to make it.

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