Weekending 01 Feb 09

Monday: Spinning class after work. 550 Calories.
Tuesday: Woke up the rightside of 89 kgMorning spinning class at West Kirby followed by the gym. 15 minutes on the side stepper machine @ 300 watts had the heartrate up to 150 on some of the levels.
PM spinning class turned up and got a bike. 700 Calories in this one. Hard work.
Wednesday: Ride day, probably a wet one. Another comment from annon last night.
Computer crash this morning, lots of bother for Val and still no login for my self assessment means no ride.  Self assessment deadline now extended to 10 Feb. Taking Val out for the afternoon.
Found out Hideaways Cafe is closed October till March , this was after coming down the Shelf in a car for the first time. Stopped to take a picture the view was that good. Going to add this as the rides to do in 2009 even if a solo effort.
Ended up at the Castle Cafe in Ruthin. Nothing much has changed in thirty years. Onto Llandudno while calling in at West End Cyles.  Saw a carbon Raleigh bike for £749 which is a keen price. Campag Veloce groupset with a FSA compact chainset. Left empty handed.
Took a picture of the mist over Llandudno and went to the Dry Ski Slope on the Great Orme for a hot chocolate which also had it’s picture taken.  Haven’t been skiing for about 10 years and not much has changed here too. The road up is just as steep, now with a few potholes.

Home, spinning class as West Kirby. Vocal class tonight especially the woman next to me. 550 calories.
Thursday: Last day off. Spent the morning trying to get Internet Explorer to load a page. Had to upgrade to version 8. Good job Paul put Morzilla on the PC. Removed Tweetdeck and a couple of other things. Probably a trip to the gym later. File tax return online which require about an hour on the phone as I had trouble logging on. Europa pools fully booked. Managed to get a bike at west Kirby by turning up. Forgot the towel. 625 calories.
Friday: Work , first of four. End of month so it’s bound to be chaos, everyone wanting their job done first. Good  to see that anon  has lost his yorkshire rag and reverted to form, poor sad bastard.
Replaced a tyre on the Polo  that was scrubbed.
Saturday: Work. Thats about it. Answered a few comments.
Sunday: Work. Boiler packed in so still in an outdoor coat keeping warm. It’s a three way battle between Glowworm, British Gas, and the central heating engineers as to who’s responsible. Snowing on the way home too boot. Lacklustre week not a lot to show for it, things can only get better.

9 thoughts on “Weekending 01 Feb 09”

  1. I came across your site after looking into a Garmin 705. As an avid cyclist since the age of 16 (after seeing Lemond and Hinault in 1986) with a sojourn during my 20’s due to University, smoking and drinking and eating too much bad food. At the age of 30 I rediscovered cycling and changed my ways went from 16 stone to 12.5 stone not bad for someone 6’4″ tall.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say was good on you. A great source of information for Garmins and a great story. Losing that weight and reinventing yourself – top man.

    You should really get another colnago though.

  2. Thanks Robin it’s appreciated. Saw one of the Taiwan Colnago’s for £999 with Shimano Tiagra groupset on it yesterday. While out today I saw one of the Raleigh carbon fibre bikes for £750 prices are coming down all the time. The Colnago Carbitubo is going to get more use this year.

  3. I managed to get out to the Eureka about 1pm(ish), I think I saw you on the opposite side of the A540 with another rider on your way back home?

  4. Hi Frank, just found your site and just wanted to say thanks for being such a great inspiration to all of us lucky enough to visit your fantastic site. Thanks!

  5. Why keep going on about this ‘other’ comment if you’ve deleted it. By deleting it you are just giving ANON what they want, your attention and time…

  6. Anonymous, I,m not going on about it and it’s not deleted. He’s a wind up merchant who thinks he’s got to me so keeps coming back to check. The fact that I’ve not published the comments has turned the table.

  7. Hi Frank, the only person getting wound up is obviously ANON, like a child that is after any kind of attention good or bad, delete the comment and dont even mention it, lets move on to more important issues.

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