Weekending 12 Apr 09

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday:Ride day. Missed all the rides by the time I got to the Eureka. Fitted the tri bars to the Trek so it was time to give them a try.  The weather forecasts haven’t been too good lately promising rain and then it doesn’t. Decided on a Wirral rideas it’s not that bad a place to do a ride.

08APR09 009

Had to stop and take a picture of this. It deserves a place in the Warrington CTC Cycleways book.
New Brighton boating lake so it sees a fair bit of traffic.

Took to the Wirral way at Parkgate leaving at Caldy village stopped at Morrisons and then it was along he front at Hoylake. There was a lad on a mountain bike that didn’t take too kindly to being passed so he retook me by the lifeboat station. There is a strong tailwind and I was pratting around. With the gloves off it was time to engage the big ring and go into time trial mode. Cranking it up I’d repassed the mountain biker and was doing over 30 mph 31.9 to be exact.

By Harrison drive I’d rejoined the cycleway and should have stopped to take some pictures of the kite boarders. That or the wind shifting the sand across the beach. I’d got off the bike to carry it over the sand that had drifted across the path and then got sandblasted as the wind funneled the sand over the coastal defence.
Another stop in Vale Park had everybody sitting outside in the sun.
Then on to Woodside to look at the U-Boat which is now open.
44 miles.  Cleaned the bike when I got home, the chain having a lot of sand in it.
Lifestyle and Weight Management followup class, this month the topic of conversation was about maintaining focus.
Thursday: Second spinning class at West Kirby had me late for the class. One of the girls stopped me after the class to ask how far we had gone as she has entered a 26 mile charity ride and is unsure how long its going to take. As she is doing 2 spinning classes back to back and goes hard I’d think it would be under two hours once she changes the tyres on the mountain bike.
Gym afterwards for 45 minutes, picked up the comic on the way home from a congested Tesco’s.
Followed Tour de Tweets on twitter as there is no cycling on Eurosport.
Northend club night.
Friday: Bought a new laptop eventually and transfering data across didn’t quite go to plan.
Saturday: A late start on a brilliant riding day. Rode to the Eureka via Parkgate and Denhall lane.
Spent an hour or so at the Eureka chatting in the sun. (added all this later after the Sundaypost)One of those I was talking to was Terry Galvin who picked me upon a Eureka 50 mile ride a few years ago.
Keith Boardman was there and Carol turned up after a ride to Summertrees.
It’s really amazing the number of people I’ve come across in my relatively short cycling career each one a character in their own right.

Back via the missing link, Eastam, Raby Mere, and the coastal cycle route. 44 miles. Punctured at Seacombe  due to hitting a pothole. That wasn’t so bad but pumping it up with a mini pump was a chore.
Sunday: Work.  Had a few comments already about the BBC article more of which later.

Confessions of a Weightloss Cyclist.


What a day this has turned out to be. I started off driving through Brimstage and had two Pheasants darting across my path. Listening to the radio there was comment about making kids eat porridge in the morning and why it won’t happen. I’ve just had Quaker Oat Granola and 3 berries and it tasted fine to me and I’ve been eating it for the last years.

A couple of weeks ago Jane Elliot from the BBC contacted me through the site and we arranged a phone interview. I didn’t post anything on the site as thing’s don’t always turn out the way you see them.
That’s all changed today as her article was posted on the BBC website.
It’s a good article and I thank her for it. The response has been overwhelming with lots of comments coming in. (all of which I’m trying to respond to)
They are dotted all over the site so don’t fret if you haven’t got a reply yet.
I look at the Google stats from time to time and guess they are about to go through the roof.

Stayed up to watch Paris- Roubaix on Eurosport which is burning the candle at both ends.

Ran the spelling checker over the page as the laptop is suffering from a sticking keyboard and is missing letters and spaces amazing what you can miss.

11 thoughts on “Weekending 12 Apr 09”

  1. Hi Frank, long time no see!! Thanks for letting people know via your great website that i am now back taking my classes after my unfortunate accident. I’m on the mend very slowly, it’ll be a while before i run again. Anyway i just wanted to let you know that if you’re on invigor8 with the council it now entitles you to 2hrs free parking at Europa!! Hope to see you soon maybe!!
    Thanks again.

  2. Well done mate on the weight loss.
    Wirral is excellent for cycling used to live over there in the 70’s had some good runs down the Wirral Way.
    Anyway well done again
    sjburt (expat Far East)

  3. Thanks for the info Louise, someone on the desk told me they wern’t up and running until last week.
    Dave, It’s the Profile Design tribar for time trialing.

  4. Noted on the seatpost, I was looking at the tribars I had put on.

    Guy, that’s the site I was looking for. The opposite side of the road is just as bad as the give way markings stop in the middle of the road.

    Things are getting very busy at the moment due to the BBC link, I’ll try and reply to everyone but it will be later tonight.

  5. the BBC article has got its conversions beween stone and kg all over the place, and not even consistent. you might like to tell them.

  6. Frank,
    Just read about your story on the BBC website and wanted to pass across my congratulations on your efforts. What a great example to set and it just shows that if you really want to do something and set your mind to it, it is achievable! Hope the cycling continues to go well and that you continue to enjoy it all!
    Congrats again!

  7. Just read the BBC story – absolutely great!! You have done really well and you are a model to others. I’m currently overweight (18st & 6ft 1in) and got my bike out last week. Already making progress, and your story has now been bookmarked for inspiration when I need motivating to get my fat ar*e back in the saddle again.

    Thanks Frank.

  8. Robert, I haven’t had time to look into it, but they may be rounding errors.
    Johnathon, thanks. I’ll allways enjoy the cycling, it’s leisure cycling at the end of the day with a bit of competition thrown in.
    Thanks Anon.
    Mike start gradually and work up to a goal. Once you’ve reached that set another one.
    I’ll allways remember the great rides like your first charity ride, my first 100 mile ride. My first big climb, the list could go on.
    Again thanks for your comments.

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