Weekending 03 May 09

Monday:Barbara’s morning spinning class (640 calories), Gym for weights, crosstrainer for a Mars Bars worth ( 284 calories) in 26 minutes 30 seconds. Row for 2 km, 9mins 30 and a 1km run at 10km/hr.
Spent the afternoon sorting out the 705 side of the site and getting to grips with WWW.Bikehike.co.uk and the new GPXX format for the 705.
Planned, downloaded and rode the Brimstage 7 TT using GPXX  hardpoints. Worked quite well but I had way too many of them for a short TT but it was all about seeing what it was like to ride. Two mph down on the TT ride with an average of 21.5 mph. Didn’t put any gloves on and my hands were frozen on the ride back home.
Put the carbon fibre wheels on the Toy and had a trial start, felt good, just the feel of the wheels upping my spirits for tomorrow.
Tuesday:Work, off early for the Northend Club 7. The time 18 minutes 17 seconds so a 16 second improvement on the first one. One advantage of the Edge series is that you can overlay rides in Garmin TrainingCenter. The gains this week were all made on the Chester High road, the stretch into Thornton Hough being virtually identical with a smoother taking of the rugby club roundabout.
I was actually slower in the final 2 miles this week with a better final half mile but a slower finishing speed.
Janet Hassell put some more time into me this week but she did turn up on a new Scott time trial bike with a Zip 808 wheel on the back and a 303 I think on the front. It really is something else especially the chainstay which looks like something off a F1 car. Passed Brother James again but further along the course.
Looking at last years results my best time was 18:51 so tonight was a PB.
Wednesday: Work, watched The Apprentice. Version 2.70 upgrade for The 705 out. Would have been a nice day for a ride.
Thursday: Work, with a bit of luck I’ll get to the gym or a class. A passing comment about my future had me signing for voluntary redundancy. (I may not get it, but If I don’t put in for it I’ll never get it) 
Remembered to pack the gym kit and rang up  for a X bike class at Guinea Gap, got a place no problem.
Class had 5 in it and consisted of half an hour of Instructor led exercises and fifteen minutes of video.
Mountain biking and New York and San Francisco for the first time in full. Adds a new meaning to jumping a red light and getting a tow.
Friday: Work, last day. 
Saturday: Ride day. Late start. Eureka for a tea and a chat then down to Eureka Sports for a new aero helmet. In view of a potential redundacy coming up I’m not buying a new TT bike until I know which way things are going to turn out. Met lionel at Eureka Sports and he recited “What do call a group of Garmin owners?”: Sad. He’s been riding Routes with only 3 waypoints, letting the Garmin autoroute the ride. Tried it on the way home and it didn’t work for me other than want to route me down the A540 when I had avoid major roads set. Part of the problem is you can’t set routing options  other than avoid major roads, another thing is I’ve a hybrid map in with the free.

@levi_leipheimer in the TT. Uh, aero? Wow.. on Twitpic
Well I’ve got the hat.

Had some issues with the 2.70 705 software, the ride out to the Eureka not showing up on Trainingcenter and a couple of logging issues. It could have been because I was letting it navigate me back home.
Sunday: More trains with Jack. 86 Kg again which is good news as it’s taken a while to lose it.you just
Spinning class at West Kirby for 550 calories worth and 173 bpm on the HRM. Fresh berries for the breakfast took a bit of searching out. Looking forward to Tuesday’s time trial. Last Tuesday we all got spanked by a 15 year old kid. R.Mullen taking 25 seconds out of our current leader Steve Gauller and nearly 3 minutes out of me. I don’t think it was on a flash TT bike either. One to watch.
Some day the club handicap scoring will be explained to me but until then you just race against your peers.
Bumped into Myles yesterday at Eureka Cycle Sports he’s doing a 50 mile TT today which is a level I’ve yet to obtain, as is a 25 or a 14 for that matter. Went to the wrong start last year and missed the event.
Rode home in the TT helmet yesterday which was a bit over the top but I couldn’t carry the box. All was OK until Willaston where I went past a group of novices attempting the Wirral Way for the first time. There was a few startled  cries and I was going slow.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 03 May 09”

  1. Hi Russell, that’s one amazing ride, the average gets me. Left to my own devices I’d be happy with 15 mph. Last nights 7 was around 23 mph but this was 120 miles at 25, unbelievable.
    I think we can all kid ourselves how good we are or were only to wake up one day and find it isn’t so.

  2. Just sat on the tarmac here in Dubai waiting for the flight to Bahrain. First website I wanted to check on was yours (well after checking the Liverpool score!!). Away for a month now so no bike and just when the weather is starting to improve. Still, my Harry Hall will be back from the spray shop by the time I get back so will add a few mph I’m sure. Keep up the good work Frank inspiring lost sheep like myself.

  3. Hi Tony, a month away from the bike is a long time but at least you’ve got something to look to look forward to. I’m about 2kg up from last year but faster on the time trials by roughly a minute. Your not a lost sheep, you’ve made your mind up to do something about it which is to be praised. It all comes from within. I’m sure your up for it. I wonder what it would be like to ride my first Claude Butler again when I was fifteen.

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