Weekending 17 May 09

Monday: Nice day should have been out on the bike but had to ring up about my entry for the Etape.
A recent diet change to Oatibix has proved to be a disaster and I’ve switched back to Oat Granola.
The next couple of months are all about the ride of a lifetime. I’ve thought hard about it as I don’t want to try and fail. The Tacx ride up the Ventoux means I’m going to spend at least two hours on that one climb. 21 Km @8% is a tough climb in anyones eyes.
Still it’s done now.
Watching the Giro, will hit the gym afterwards. No time trial this week.
Spinning class had me burning 750 calories and hitting 181 BPM. Shower an home.
It was time to do some research on what training I should be doing and Stan,s Aquaduct ride cropped up in one of the searches. I’d rode it last year and it’s hilly enough.
Tuesday:Morning Spinning class then the gym, 650 calories in this one. About half of it was out the saddle.Sort Vals bike out. Aldi cycle computer (£5) got fitted. Don’t bother with the handpump, it’s useless on a presta valve.
Giro then a ride.
My Booking for the Etape has come through and I need a medical exam for it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so thats Wednesdays ride out of the window. That and the Invoice which is a bit eye watering when your used to cheap as chips Audaxes, CTC and club rides. Entry £140, 10 days of living the dream about 10 times that for starters. I’ve signed up for the 10 day Coach Tour which has the bikes travelling down in a trailer.
I get to ride the Etape, watch the stage and see another stage. Another £90 would see me at the finish on the Champs Elysee
Wednesday: Medical, if I can get one. Ride maybe but I need that medical first.
No medical until Monday, added a new page with the BBC link.
Read Janets Spring 50 write up, I was first back for the third year running but only a minute in front of second place newcomer Nick Cavil. Competition is getting tough with a lot of carbon bikes now.
Took a trip out to Eureka Sports for some bits and bobs for Vals  bike.
Lifestyle and Weight management Course followup class. Same time same place.
A big followup class as the course has been shortened to 8 weeks from 12. 8 or 12 weeks is small term when you look at the larger picture. If more turn up because the numbers are larger it has to be a good thing.
Dined out, home to watch the Apprentice which a bit of a miss this week.
Thursday: Work. Time to focus on getting ready for the Etape. Club meeting. Venue change coming up.
Friday: Work. Automation has it’s downsides when it doesn’t run. Just about read the comic.
Saturday:Work. Staying late. Sad to learn that Pauls Twe2 has had to have the plug pulled on it. It was great while it lasted. Free Twitter texts from those you followed. Don’t follow Lance Armstrong on it as it would drive you mad.
Sunday: Work

8 thoughts on “Weekending 17 May 09”

  1. Hi Frank,
    Well I have took the plunge and ordered my Boardman Carbon Fibre Toy ( £ 999 Halfords ) I managed to talk Barbara into a road bike instead of a Hybrid otherwise she would of been playing catch up all the time ( Basically the same bike but not CF ) We won’t be able to pick them up until we get the vouchers from work ( July 1st ) so we are now frantically trying to get fit to be able to ride our new toys, going to look at the gym tomorrow to see what spinning classes they do. If you see me in work heading for the bacon and eggs, talk me out of it !!. Any advice on gear, SPD’s and the like would be appreciated.
    Cheers Frank for the inspiration
    John & Barb

  2. Great stuff John, Aldi still have some of the Cycling Offers on. Don’t buy the hand pump as it doesn’t work. If you haven’t a trackpump get that instead. I’ve fitted the Aldi cycle computer to Vals Trek and we went out on it today. 10 miles with the usual first timer problems. Got to get a medical cert for my Etape ride so that could be a bit tricky. “What do you want it for?” “I want to ride the hardest stage of the Tour de France and ride up a 6000 ft Mountain”.
    The 5 day passes should be enough to give you an insight. Spinning classes are as hard as you make them, just take plenty of water and a towel.
    The mountain bike spd’s are fine as at least you can walk in the shoes.
    Catch you in work, good luck with the bikes, you won’t be dissapointed.

  3. All the the best with your Etape.

    It’s something I quite fancy, I looked at the possibility of doing something similar for this year’s Giro. However the timings just didn’t work out for me so I plumped for the End-to-End as my “something mad to do now I’m 50” escapade!


  4. Hi Frank
    good to see you Wed. Just checked out the BBc story, nice one, should increase your hit rate some.
    good luck with the training for the Etape.

  5. Frank

    You need to get some long & hard rides is in the UK. The year I rode the Etape du Tour (2006 – Gap to Alp d’Huez) I did it on the back of around 6 Sportives in the uk longest around 125 miles in the Yorkshire Dales plus a bit of racing as well. The year I rode it was hot (40 C+ at foot of Alp d’Huez) and fast. Loads of people did not finish, alot of them british – mainly to lack of preparation. Speed at the start – we were doing 40 – 45 K for the first hour or so…and then preparing yourself for the long long climbs….need to get some long and hilly rides in…

  6. Thanks for the comment Phil, I know I’m up against a tight timeline. Entered Stans Aqueduct Sportive again, nothing that I haven’t done before.
    The final climb was 2 hours of hell and that was on the Tacx.It has a max of about 8% so it’s about right. First off I’ve got to get thru the medical tommorrow.
    The heat is going to be a serious problem as I sweat buckets when under pressure.
    I’m just looking to finish first but there are a couple of climbs I could do repeats on to get the feel of things. (not ideal but better than nowt)
    No substitute for the bike tho. Plenty to ride in North Wales but it’ll have to be on my own.

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