Weekending 31 May 09

Monday: Work, last day. Hutch from the comic is 10 time trial champ again, it’s not a bad read. Got to finish his book yet. Giro, best day yet. Popo went off on a lonesome bid and blew up less than 2km from the finish. Lance had to go back and pace Levi to the finish.
Giro is blown for Astana so who are they going to work  for now, Levi or Lance. Lance might own the team by the end of the week.
Tuesday: No TT.  Giro rest day. Spin then the gym. Cleaned the bike after last Wednesdays ride. Sorted the heater fan out on the car. Replacing a fan resistor pack is one of those jobs you only want to do once.
Had a trip out on the Toy making the most of the sun. If I’d listened to the forecast I might of put it off but it was fine. Had a trip out on the Colnago Carbitubo, no hat, computer or bottle in fact zilch and it felt great.
Thinking of running it in Keith Boardmans retro time trial series which is for straight bikes with no aero aids.
Wednesday: Throwing it down come ride time meant it was time for a lie in and start another book. Read four chapters of Lance Armstrongs War then found the rain gear to head out to the Eureka. Bits of me were still sore from yesterday. Talk in the Cafe was of Wilco’s time for the 100 mile TT on Sunday, 3hrs 42 minutes, it doesn’t bear thinking about.
Spoke to Keith Boardman about the 5 mile TT series, no disc wheels or tribars and no fancy helmets.
Dave joined us and gave me an update on GPXX routes on Bikehike. The CTC mag was there with a OS Mapping software reveiw. Dave also told me about routable OSM maps.
Home for the Giro, good to see Lance having a go.
Had a look at the Astana website and they have withdrawn all the clothing for sale so it doesn’t bode well.
Good to see over 100 have signed up for Stans Aqueduct ride, was an Audax, call it a sportiffe and triple the entry.
Thursday: Spinning class then a short session in the gym. No comic in Tescos for some reason had me come out empty handed.
Pauls set up the following site http://frank.kinlan.me
Friday: Final fettling of the bike for Sunday. The Tri bars are coming off, the chain is getting a clean and the jockey wheel on the rear mech wants looking at. Giro in the afternoon.
Bought a pair off BBB ceramic bearing jockey wheels. The Ultegra ones have a ceramic bush and although OK there was enough side to side play in it to have it replaced, Things are steadily wearing out, the rims are next, along with a front tyre.
Going to have a play with BikeHike for Sundays ride.
Saturday: Work. A busy day and it over ran. Saved a GPXX route with BikeHike for tommorows ride. Sorted the kit out along with some factor 50 as I’ve been indoors all day looking at the brilliant weather.
It’s going to mean an early start but the bikes loaded up and I’m ready to go.
Sunday : Aquaduct Challenge, 105 miles 3000 mtrs of climbing, hottest day of the year.  What a day, did the full route which had me walking at one stage. An unbeleivable ride topped of with the fact that Dave Lloyd got lost and did not finish which made my day.
9 Hrs 24.59 for me which was a difficult ride. Must thank Stan for a great ride, got to revieve my Etape prep.  The heat was there today,  the climbs good. It’s opened up another level of cycling to me and I’m at the bottom of the pile.
Update in a day or two.
I did ask myself who on earth would want to be a professional cyclist. Why would you want to do what we have done for  20 days.


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