Weekending 20 Sep 2009

A pretty hectic week with two funerals within 24 hours. Things went well with my brother David delivering the Eulogy. Weather was good on both days.
Training Courses at work for the next 2 days got me back into the swing of things with me picking up my normal shifts for the weekend.
No rides but I’ve fitted and charged up the lights for the bike. Also ordered some LEDs to upgrade them as the technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years.
Next ride should be Wednesday.
Fired another email off to Maindru about the missing picture. The Wild Wales .jpg hasn’t turned up either so there is not much to show for that ride.
That was a tough ride, guess thats why they call it the Wild Wales.
Stan’s Mills Hills is at the end of the month, only 12 rode it last year and deserves better support.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 20 Sep 2009”

  1. Mills Hills
    You missed a great day Frank. Cycling doesn’t get much better in this country. Dry, warm when the sun came thru, light to no wind. Thirteen starters, ten finishers. I was second – form’s coming back
    Appreciate that circumstances are difficult for you at the moment but here’s a discussion topic for you at the Eureka – why do 50 times as many riders pay 4 times as much to ride Wild Wales in the rain?
    Mills Hills has a better route, is a only little bit harder, has very flexible entry and much more information online. Ok, there’s no route marking but you Garmin folk will use the GPX download (and I’m told WWC route marking is a bit ‘variable’ anyway). And there are no feed stops but our good friends at the cafes in Ruthin and Vyrnwy give excellent service and value.

  2. Hi Stan, I’ve already had the disscusion. You could say it’s even worse if you ride sportifs.
    You ride the Wild Wales for the slate at the end of it, it’s so much more useful than a certificate. There were times this year when I did question the things you would go through for a piece of Welsh slate. Not to mention calling the CTC sadistic bastards when it was really grim.
    The route is unmarked, the only marking is done by clubs looking for an easy time with no navigation. There were two stops one in a school used last year and another in a village hall.
    I’ve only just got my picture from the photographer so will post it up sometime.Maybe write the ride up.

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