Weekending 10 Jan 2010

Monday:  Work
Tuesday: Overtime at work with a 6AM start. The drive to work was an event in it’self with a blizzard through Brimstage and the Birkenhead Tunnel closed.  A car had hit the roundabout at Otterspool prom and it was difficult to get around it with things going to get a lot worse later.
Half the factory left early only to get caught up in traffic jams, stayed on until it all seamed clear and headed out to the Runcorn/Widnes bridge. Things went ok , there were a few moments when trucks went past at a speed that I wouldn’t consider safe for the conditions.
Wednesday:  A trip across the road for supplies with another trip to get some of the residents milk. This had barely reached the shelves before it was gone.
Put the christmas tree in the garage and got out the Tacx turbo trainer. All it needs now is the turbo trainer tyre putting on and I’m in business.
There is a huge difference in the road conditions depending on the road.
West Kirby rang to say the Spinning class was cancelled but tommorows was still on.
Kuraii Thai Orchid for dinner which was good but quiet given the conditions.
Thursday: Morning spinning class at West Kirby for 750 calories worth.
Class was full despite the icy conditions. gym afterwards for weight machines and 2 km on the Concept 2 rowing machine.
Picked up the comic on the way home and then went out for a light fitting for the kitchen. Fitting that in the dark proved to be fun, with the lights knocking out everybodies Sky feed.
Saw the temperatures plummet on the way home and if I’m lucky the turbo will get set up tonight. Software is up to date so no excuses.
Getting back on track means cutting back on the empty calories and that has started today.
Friday: Work, overtime. Make hay while the sun shines.
Saturday: Work again, given the weather it’s probably best to lay off things until some normality returns.
Sunday: Work, another two days to go with lots of tales of woe. At least I’m getting in as those further afield have been snow in.

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