Weekending 09 May 2010

Monday: Work.
Tuesday: Work, a complete shambles due to what happened the previous day.
Wednesday: First chance for a ride only to be met with a fine drizzle. So it was off to the Eureka for a breakfast.
Here I got a call from work wanting me in that night for a job so the ride was cut short to 18 miles.
I haven’t been posting much lately due to working on the house and the roof needing felting in 2 weeks.
The site still gets about 3,500 hits a month with Aldi Cycle offers and Garmin related comments still coming in.
I’ve finally resolved to update the site with a new theme from WordPress and rewrite some of the articles. The 705 is now 2 years old and I’m still on the first page of a Google search somehow  so that will be one of the first to sort out. Links will be updated as a few are dead or dormant.
The search is on for a new theme, the content won’t be a problem.
bumped into Dave at the Cafe and again at Neston where his tyre had blown out.
Thursday: Morning spinning class at the Oval, followed by more work on the house. Chucked away tons of stuff and still got some way to go.  Can’t see me using a 50MHz logic analyser ever again and there is not much call for floppy drives these days.
Aldi for a pair of cycling mitts at £2.99 and a top at £14.99
Friday: Tex’s spinning class at the Oval, been nearly 20 odd years since we last hooked up. A guy comes in to do his first class and lasts 10 minutes before walking out.  Guess he’s going to stick to the weights.
More decluttering before the roof gets done. Pattern curtain hooks bought on the net for Swish curtain rail proving to be too tight.
Saturday: Took a trip to Formby Cycles and came out with nothing. There was a chap in there trying out clipless pedals on a Dolan on a turbo trainer. I should have videoed it an put it on Youtube.  Couldn’t get his foot in then couldn’t get it out, didn’t know which foot to clip in first because he’s sat on the bike. Unclipped into the chainstay, it just went on and on.
You know it’s going to end in tears on his first ride, we all come off when first going clipless  but you only do it once. Picked up the curtain hooks from Wilkinsons of all places with a trip to Smiths for ProCycling.
I noticed the magazines have gone from the Eureka so I can’t even give my pile away, so if anyone wants some let me know.
Back in time to watch Cav take the prologue in the Giro.
Sunday: Work.
I’ve set up a new theme on WordPress and once it is sorted I’ll be swapping over to it. Uses all the widjets for Flickr and Twitter and whatever else I want to include. The 705 is now 2 years old so that page is starting to look a bit dated but is still right up there in Google.  The 705 Forum sounds like a good idea so I’ll look into that side too.


4 thoughts on “Weekending 09 May 2010”

  1. Hey Frank,

    The last few Wednesdays I’ve been bringing in old (well, only 2 or 3 months old actually) copies of Cycling Plus into Eureka, I was dismayed to find them all gone on Sunday. Is this some kind of policy change? It would have been easier for me to dump ’em in my bin than ride to the ‘caff’ with them!

    I used to like reading an old copy of the comic if I was on my own in there 😦

    Oh well!

  2. Hi Frank

    Thanks for your comments about the Garmin Edge 305 & 705, very interesting & informative.

    I want to but one of the above, could you give me a short summary pro’s & con’s of each, and a comment about what you get for your extra money for the 705? thanks in advance

  3. Simon, 705 works like a normal GPS but with all the cycling logging facilities. You need to factor in a map. 305, no maps but you can get turn by turn routing if you pre program a Route using Marengo software.
    You can follow a Course on both as it is a previous ride or one planned using software.
    The 305 has really been superseded by the Edge 500.
    It has to be the 705 I’m afraid as you can just pootle around on the map view and let it plot a route to a place if you find yourself lost.
    Both 705 and 305 support heartrate and cadence.

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