Weekending 13 June 2010

Monday: Tex’s Spinning class at the Oval. Logged on to Foursquare and I’m now the Mayor of the Oval. More work on the house and managed to kerb a wheel on the Mini. Tweeted this and it got put on Facebook only to have John reply that I’m not having much luck with wheels lately, which is true. Managed to tip a tin of red paint over the bedroom carpet too so that must be the third bit of bad luck.
Not having much luck with the calorie counter on the Crane Sport Heart Rate Monitor, it’s reading about half the calories it should but it doesnt have all the functionality of the first one. Can’t complain about the price.

Barbara’s evening Spinning class at West Kirby, couldn’t have been more different to Tex’s class. Tex was going around driving everybody on so no hiding on the back row or the corner. Sweated buckets in both classes.
Tuesday: More work on the house in the morning but off to Southport for the Tour Series in the afternoon, via Quinns to look at wheels. Taking the camera as it was great racing last year.
A wet start had me doing Tex’s spinning class at the oval, Heartrate monitor had packed up too so no calorie counting. A first timer is really getting looked after with cups of water  so I make a comment about about the girl having it soft with the rest of the class joining about them not getting any cabin service either.
This then leads on to a comment that you only get this on a long haul flight and we’ll be landing shortly, all good stuff.

Dummies Guide updated, now off to watch the Tour Series at Southport.
Good night out, got a spot on Lord Street just as free parking came into force.
The bad news is £250 wheels are now £350 so I may as well ride old wheels.
Most wouldn’t want to spend that much on a bike.

There was a nice Boardman print in a Gan time trial picture at a gallery in Southport.

Filled the memory card on the camera.
Wednesday: Rode out to the Eureka, the rides had gone so it was pretty quiet. The Mayor of the Eureka arrived so it was time to chat. Told Dave the Chigago Dave Twaites story which had us in tears of laughter. Bought a Lezyeme 19 function cycle tool for a stupid price as I had lost half my BBB one. Not to mention the one airport security took off me when I was leaving Spain.
23.5 miles in all and the wheel situation is still up in the air.
Took the Race Lite off the rear of the Trek and fitted the Race X Lite after swapping the tyre.
Stuck a Dura-Ace 11-28 cassette on for good measure. Yes you read that right 28 teeth on a Shimano cassette. Cost me £100 which is about as much as anyone would want to pay for a few bits of titanium and steel. Record 11 about £270 for a cassette these days.
Thursday: Work then home to watch Dauphine which was delayed due to the tennis. Should have sorted the route out for Sunday but read the comic instead.
Friday: Work till late but get to leave early on the Saturday to sort the bike and do some prep work for Sunday.
Saturday: Work but left at 4, watched the best race up Alpe d’Huez for a long time in the Dauphine.
Put the bike in the Mini for the first time, pity it had to go on it’s side.
Put the route in the Garmin from 2 years ago as I didn’t have a route sheet due to entering on the line.
This was going to cost me later more of which in a ride write up.
Watched the England game

Sunday: Bob Clift Memorial Ride, 100 miles around the Cheshire cycleway.
First 100 miler this year, never let anyone tell you it’s easy as it isn’t.
Wet ride for the last 40 miles, the rain at least blotting out the headwind.
Broke a few of the Rules today.

got to grips with the new software, new links to be added.

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