Weekending 12 Sep 2010

Not been near the bike since the Eureka ride.  Bit the bullet about the new shower and had some luck by getting 9 sq/m of tiles to match the bathroom.
Not much luck with the final window to replace though, the firm I bought them from has gone to the wall. The landlord has a letter on the door and a lot of the cars and vans have notices plastered all over them about to get reclaimed.
With a bit of luck I’ll get to see the finish of the first stage of the Tour of Britain at Blackpool on Saturday.
The site has been quoted on the Aldi cycling  offers for a review I did on the Winter Cycling Gloves.  A lot of this is about Aldi upsetting the cycle industry by discounting their bread and butter. You NEVER see a review  of any Aldi kit in the Cycling press.
Hurt my back  on Saturday which is ruling out a ride of any description. Just goes to show how powerful a drug Ibruprofen is.
The new roof leaked during Saturdays downpour, right over where the new shower is going.  Better now than later when it’s all in place and tiled.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 12 Sep 2010”

  1. Can U help? I started with my own 705 with no problems, as it was so good i bought one for my wife. During the set up the new unit paired with the first one, not sure why as they are meant to be paired with the cadence ANt which came in the box. It doesn’t matter what i do now it will not re-pair with the correct unit, battery out of the fist on, re-scan, more than 10m, re-set etc… driving me nuts, as is waiting for a response from Garmin CS. Any idea???

    Thanks, Paul

    1. Hi Paul, not sure if the cad sensors are unique. I have two cad sensors but only one 705. Same goes for the HRM,s I tend to pair them at the start of the ride if things don’t seem to be not working.

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