Weekending 07 Nov 2010

Trying to get back into a routine with a trip out to the Eureka and then on to the shop. Ordered a Edge 800 which was supposed to be in stock for the 3rd but at the end of the day wasn’t. It ended up as a 50 mile loop around the Wirral even managing to see my dads bench on the Wirral Way.
Friday was spent assembling the wardrobes that finally arrived 6 weeks late.
The planned evening rides didn’t happen as it was throwing it down and the Iceni was at the back of the shed.

A saturday ride out to the Eureka on Route 56 showed up some large potholes between Levers Causeway and Brimstage. It doesn’t bode well for the coming winter. It turned out to be a short 20 mile ride returning via the Missing Link , slowly as I didn’t have any mudguards on.  Calling in CycleSurgery revealed all the bikes moved upstairs to display all the ski-ing and snowboard kit.
Sunday spent getting some clothes for Sussies funeral on Monday. Spotted the CTC returning from the AGM at Kinnerton on the way home.

3 thoughts on “Weekending 07 Nov 2010”

  1. Last month I pre-ordered a Garmin 800 from a Manchester-based online store called “lovingoutdoors” with a UK OS based map “bundle”. Emailed them yesterday, Tuesday 8th Nov, when I saw Wiggle saying they had “10+” in stock. They got back to me (at 7:30 in the evening!) saying they would follow it up and emailed me again this morning to say that EU version had arrived and so my version should be coming soon. Also said that they had contacted stores with 800 “in stock” and found that they weren’t yet dispatching – so general availability looks imminent.
    Sounds like your shed is a bit like mine!

    1. Had a Tweet from Dave about the Wiggle 800’s. His came today and is impressed with it. The same thing happened with the 705, sites showing stock when they had none, preorders not getting fullfilled etc.
      Going to have to optimise the bikes and kit at some stage too.

  2. Hi Frank,
    Glad you’re back pedalling after all of your domestic shennanigans, I am only too aware of life getting in the way of the bike. Just the right time of year to get back in the saddle eh?

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